Berkeley 10 months ~

Wow, 10 months have already flow by, and as I’m writing this, we’re halfway through our 11th month. I literally cannot believe that last year at this time, I was only a couple weeks away from giving birth to Berkeley. It has simultaneously felt like the shortest and longest year of my life.

10 month portrait ~

As always, it was another big month. He learned how to crawl up the stairs, and man is he fast! I can tell he’s gonna be quite the climber. His skills combined with his reckless attitude majorly scares me for the future. I think scraped knees and bumped heads will be a regular occurence around here.

In addition to stairs, his physical development is amazing to watch. He can stand for a few seconds and he officially let go of something and took a step.

baby pool 10 months ~

He seems to be understanding us more, and proceeding to test our limits by doing things he knows he’s not supposed to with a big old grin on his cute little face. It’s so hard to say no to him! He’s been “talking” a ton, but it’s mostly just “ahhhh ahhhh” sounds. 

10 months family portrait ~

He started doing this weird thing where he opens and closes his mouth like a guppy and it’s so cute. We’re not sure why he does it. Maybe immitating chewing? He also does this cute thing where he closes his eyes while he’s eating. Again, not sure why he does it. I think it’s an immitation thing as well from when i do peek-a-boo with him. He also does this absolutely HORRID tooth grinding that makes me cringe so much! He does it when he’s teething and his teeth are really hurting. It literally gives me the same reaction as nails on a chalkboard.*shudder*

10 months Berk and Papa ~

He’s gotten so much better at picking up food and has tried some new things. He loves fruit, but especially melon, kiwi and blueberries.

Some other tricks he picked up this month:

  • Throwing all his pacifiers out of his crib at naptime and bedtime and then crying because he doesn’t have them to actually go to sleep.
  • Taking a toy and proceeding to push it around the house like a hockey puck
  • Crawling fast away from you while giggling when you say “I’m gonna get you” to him
  • Said his first word!!! “Uh-oh”
  • Throwing/dropping food off his highchair tray
  • Shaking his head no while he drops food off his highchair because he knows he’s not supposed to do it

10 months beach walk ~
He has also started to better grasp the concept of his toys now that he’s finally sitting up and thus able to have access to his hands to play with them. He tries to put the rings on the stacking ring toy we have but doesn’t quite have the dexterity yet.

10 months baby beach ~

Another first this month was that he ate a piece of cat food. I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. He always beelines straight towards it when he crawls into the kitchen and this particular morning I wasn’t paying attention. I yanked him up off the floor the second I saw his hand go into LC’s bowl and didn’t think he had done anything besides touch it. I immediately carried him to the sink and washed his hands. But that sneaky boy must have had a piece of food in his hand that he put in his mouth while i was carrying him, because the next thing I know, I saw him drooling and moving his mouth in a weird way like he had something in it. I opened his mouth and stuck my finger in and pulled out a piece of cat food that had already broken apart in his mouth. I’m sure he ended up swallowing part of it. My biggest worry was always that he’d choke on the catfood, but he tends to suck on things rather than swallow them so it dissolved in his mouth a lot. He had cat breath the whole rest of the day!

10 months lifeguard chair ~

We also went down to my parent’s new beach house at the NJ shore for the first time this month. Berkeley loved how open it was so he got to crawl around a lot more. He also dipped his toes in the sand/ocean, and took a little dip in the water at the baby beach which is in the bay rather than the ocean. He loved splashing around (and drinking saltwater)! Oh, and he went in the baby pool that we got him.

10 months baby pool at beach house ~

Also now that he’s bigger and sitting better, we have officially moved him from the baby bathtub to the real one- though we have a bath seat for him since he’s still a bit wobbly. 

10 months beach walk 2 ~ 

For a while he was taking a good morning nap so his afternoon nap was later and thus he was going to bed a little later. Once or twice I even got to see him when I got home from work. Sadly, that has since disappeared. He also took a couple of almost 2 hour naps! I thought that would stick around but it was just a lucky couple of days I guess. He also slept through the fire alarm going off (at night) several times…apparently the new smoke detector in my parent’s house is defective.

 10 months berk papa play ~

Stats: 20 lbs, Size 3 Pampers Swaddlers diapers (Size 3 Huggies Overnite with a booster pad for nighttime)

Teeth: 3 on top and 3 on bottom. 

10 months family beach pic ~


Trying to walk, crawling up stairs, standing, eating!, saying “ooooh,” any type of melon, throwing pacis out of his crib, pushing his toys around the floor while crawling, getting tickled, shaking his head “no” while throwing things off his highchair


Pretty much same as last month: teething, being in his car seat, not being allowed to do something he wants, not much else…he’s a happy boy!

10 months beach towel ~

Schedule (pretty much same as 9 months):

between 5-6 am: wake up. I don’t go get him until 6am though.

6:15 am: 7 oz bottle of formula followed by baby oatmeal (made with prune juice) and some fruit pieces

7:30-8 am: 1 hr-1.5 hr nap

9:30 am: 6 oz bottle of formula

11-11:30ish: lunch (he eats all sorts of things: sweet potato chunks, fruit, mini meatballs, avocado, eggplant, peppers…)

11:30/12:30ish: 1 hr-1.5 hr nap. Also still occassionally 1/2 hr :(

1:30-2ish (when he wakes): 6 oz bottle of formula

3 pm- more solids (technically his dinner since he goes to bed so early)

4:30: 7 oz bottle of formula

5pm-5:30: bedtime! His naps have been a little later and longer now so he’s actually made it til 5:30 quite often. Still hoping he can regularly make it til 6pm soon so I can put him to bed.

 10 months car nap ~


  1. Kelly @ Inspired Edibles

    Wow, I can’t believe Berkeley’s about to turn 1! He’s so cute and has the occasional look of mischief in his eye ;-) only a good thing. Hopefully you can push his bedtime out a little over time (5:00 seems a tad early on both ends!) yum-yum on the cat food – heeheeh, there will be worse things no doubt. I remember how ‘physical’ those first couple years were — I was at home with each of the boys for a year or so and I’m pretty sure I climbed the equivalent of mount Everest on our staircase :D. Great to see you and your family so happy Amy. Loved reading, xx.

    • Hi Kelly! Yes, it’s absolutely crazy to me that he’s turning 1 on Saturday…that this tomorrow of last year I was in immense back pain about to be hospitalized and then sent home because they told me I wasn’t in labor, only to go back to the hospital an hour later with legit contractions. haha. 5:00 is way too early. We’re working on getting him on a more regular nap schedule that will hopefully push his bedtime. He seems to wake up between 5-5:30 even when he goes to bed later though :( Gosh, I can’t even imagine being home with him for the first year. I would LOVE it but I’d also be completely exhausted. I honestly don’t know how my nanny does it (probably because she gets a good night’s sleep each night and a recovery each weekend).

  2. Oh my goodness, he is too much. SO MUCH CUTE. And oh God, for about 2 weeks Ryan did that same teeth grinding thing! THE WORST. It didn’t last long for him, so that was good. For him it was like the noise of picking at your nails, but I knew it was one tooth on another. SO SKEEVY. Happy almost birthday to the little dude!!

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