Berkeley 4 month ~

I know I already posted some info about Berkeley at 4 months, but I decided that I want to do these monthly stats for myself to remember down the line…I already forget what he was like a month ago!

Berkeley is actually 5 months right now (so things have changed but I’ll do another update next month) but I have to do these things a month behind because otherwise I can’t report what he’s actually doing THAT month. Also, I still have zero free time.

At 4 months old, Berkeley is a really happy baby and is smiling all the time. The only times he cries are when something is wrong- he’s gassy usually- or he’s tired. When he gets overtired, he starts crying and fighting sleep but if you rock him and shove a paci in his mouth he’ll pass out. 

Berkely 4 months ~

Yes, I’m wearing owl pjs

He started rolling over in his swaddle (no arms to impede his turning) and then a few days later started rolling over without it (4.5 months). He rolled left first and then figured out how to roll the other way a few days later. He used to take time to get up on his hands after rolling but now he’s a champ and rolls right onto them! He can’t roll from tummy to back yet. He’s starting to pull up his knees a bit too and might be crawling soon.

He still wakes up once during the night to eat and tends to fuss some other times during the night. When I get tired of getting up a million times to go put a pacifier in his mouth, I’ll take him to bed with me so we can both get some decent sleep. 

Berkeley 4 months 2 ~

My little man!

Stats: 13 lb 12 oz (25th %), 25 3/4 in (75th%), size 2 diapers


Getting his diaper changed (he has always liked this and will smile and giggle), getting lots of kisses from mom, smiles from dad, rolling over (and spitting up, without fail), chewing on his fist and anything else he can find, SMILING!, sleeping on his tummy. We’re still swaddling (with one leg out) but he doesn’t seem comfortable with his arms swaddled while on his tummy and is always fighting to get them out. We’ve tried one or both arms out but he flails too much. Waiting on his Zipadeezip suit, fingers crossed it will work!

Berkeley 4 months 3~


Napping for longer than 30 min in his crib, too much tummy time, not much else- he’s a happy baby! We have to rock him to sleep for naps but bedtime he’ll go to sleep on his own.

Berkeley 4 months 4~


Gets up around 7 (usually he’s in my bed by this point because he’s either woken up at 6 in his crib and i’m trying to get him to sleep longer, or because he’s been fussing all night ) and eats a 6.5ish oz bottle of his special formula. He eats every 4 hrs (7ish, 11ish, 3ish, 6-6:30ish). He goes down for first nap around 1.5 hrs after waking, sleeps only 30-45 min at a time in his crib and then rest of the nap in our arms. His other naps are after about 1 hr 45 min of awake time where we’ll feed him and play with him. Bedtime routine starts between 6-6:30 depending on how well he napped, or earlier if it’s bath day- eat, change, book, bed by 7:30 at the latest. He takes about 15 min to fall asleep on his own usually.

Berkeley 4 months 5~

I think he has started his 4 month sleep regressionand is boycotting some naps completely but is still always smiling…except the day he BARELY napped and then he was in full meltdown mode by bedtime. Why oh why would anyone boycott a nap?! What I wouldn’t give to be held and rocked to sleep…

5 month update coming soon!

Berkeley 4 months 6~ 



  1. What a sweet, sweet boy! L is so similar… he is great with night sleeping but man sometimes he REALLY fights the naps. Especially later in the day… we actually just got one of those suits that I may try for naptime but I am hoping it will be useful when we can’t swaddle him anymore (luckily he only turns front to back, not back to front).

    • I don’t understand why they fight naps…what I wouldn’t give to be forced to nap several times a day! ;) Let me know how the suit works out.

  2. What an adorable little guy you’ve got there, Amy! He is growing fast and looks so alert and smart. : ) I know they throw us for a loop as far as schedules and routine. I’m amazed you have a bedtime routine and he can go to sleep on his own in 15 mins at night! I think you just have to be persistent with the napping. I wish I had some good tips…my son would nap for 29 minutes max when he was an infant, as though he had a clock and mandate to never go past half an hour! Somehow, it just eventually changed. Good luck!

    • Thank you, Monica :) He is growing crazy fast…I look back at pics from a couple months ago and can’t believe what a baby he was, hehe. He’s definitely starting to look more like a little boy. Glad to hear I’m not the only one with a terrible napper! What did you do?? I’m so worried he’s going to be up for too long and then get overtired.

  3. Berkeley is just doing all the baby stuff he should be doing!! He has the most adorable face. Brings backs so many memories. I love the big boy outfit with the jeans and plaid shirt! So fun to dress them up! Take full advantage before he starts to decide what he wants to wear! Just like watching your growing belly, these are wonderful, memorable posts you are sharing. Lots of love to you all!

    • Thanks, Linda :) Haha, i know isn’t that outfit hysterical?? I cannot wait til he’s a little older so I can put more fun outfits on him. Right now I mainly stick to onesies since he spends all day laying around inside.

  4. he’s so adorable! those eyes! i love reading your updates: it’s fun to try and remember back to when Stella was that age…it seems like forever ago. it’s hard to make free time for yourself when you’re in a constant cycle of naps and feeding and playing, for sure: i remember i’d try and make time to read or SOMETHING during the day or night just to take a few minutes to myself. He’s sleeping really good at night though! Stella always did really great naps (although always one less than the average for her age) but she was a night owl for a long time: at 4 months she’d be up until 11 pm at least! and she’d only sleep until maybe 7, but she took solid 2 hour naps most days. it’s all a trade off, i’ve learned: some kids are good one way, some kids are good another, and so on. :)

    • aw, thanks, Shannon! We’re still trying to figure out whose eyes he has. Sometimes I think they look like mine and othertimes they look like Nates (minus the color). God, I do NOT get the free time thing. I mean, if Berkeley napped for 1-3 hrs regularly, I’d have plenty of free time, but that has yet to happen. And now that he sleeps horribly again, my “free time” is spent trying to catch up on sleep. Yeah, every baby is so different! I wonder what the next will be like for me…if there is one. At this point I don’t even know if I want one anymore if it’s gonna be this hard the next time too.

  5. He is such a cutie! Y’all made one good looking baby! And it seems like even with reflux, he’s such a happy guy! Can’t wait for the next update!
    I want to start doing them too, but I’ll have to figure out how to leave out his face – adorable though it may be.;)

    • Hehe, thanks, Alyssa. Yea, aside from the reflux, he’s really easy-going and smiley. Haha, it’s def not as fun to have an update without the pics ;) I say just do it…convince Tim that everyone needs to see that adorable baby of yours! Plus, I rationalize it by telling myself that waaaaaay less people visit my blog than my fb page.

  6. Sooo precious!!
    Those tiny baby months are so precious, and even though I’m not a parent I’ve heard so many say how quickly it goes by. Enjoy every moment you can!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  7. When I had my first child I think I lived in my PJs for months. Berkeley is so gorgeous and precious and he has the most beautiful eyes. I don’t think it will be long before he’s crawling so brace yourself! It’s lovely watching him grow and develop – I wish I’d been blogging when I had my three! xx

    • Haha, glad I’m not the only one! It’s usually 2pm by the time i get to brush my teeth and sometimes attempt to put on clothes. Thanks, Charlie :) I’m nervous for him to be mobile…too much to baby proof in my house. I’m so glad I have this blog to chronicle his baby months. Hopefully he won’t hate me too much for having it on the internet later ;)

  8. What a great idea! Yes, do these monthly reports for yourself and us. It is just awesome. And your Berkeley is so cute.

  9. Love your recap! He is absolutely gorgeous and a cutie! Wishing you all the best in this exciting new stage of your lives with Berkeley!

  10. Berkeley is just gorgeous…I love him in his little man outfit. I think he will be crawling before you know it then a whole new adventure awaits all of you. :)

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