I hope to have a food post soon. I’ve actually cooked a lot but just haven’t taken any pics! I still haven’t set up a place to take food photos in the new house…

How far along:  36 weeks (technically I’m 37 now but that will be in the next update). Only a month to go!


Gender:  Baby boy!

What Fruit are you? He’s the size of a honeydew. We had our 36 week ultrasound and was told he’s already measuring about 6.5 lbs.  He also apparently has not yet dropped. I’m told first time moms usually start to drop around this time. 

Due date: September 8th

Total weight gain/loss:  25-26ish lbs so far. I’m sure I’ll gain a few more.

Exercise: This last month of my pregnancy, my office has agreed to let me work from home. My commute into Manhattan was really starting to get difficult- the heat, the heavy backpack. However, eliminating my commute meant eliminating my daily 40 min walk. So now I try to at least meet Nate at the train when he gets home which is a 20 min total walk. We also sometimes take a walk around our neighborhood after dinner. 

Stretch marks: Still none

Swelling: None

Belly button: It’s still an innie, although it’s actually kind of not an innie or an outtie right now because it’s at the point where everything that was in is just stretched but it doesn’t stick out. I kind of have no belly button…it’s weird

Sleep: I cannot get comfortable! My belly feels so big and turning over is such a chore. Baby kicks me all night long, especially in the ribs. Also I used to wear earplugs to bed but figured I should wean myself off of them in order to hear the baby, so now every sound wakes me up. I have to pee constantly and I’m getting so many contractions. I’ve been waking up at like 5:30 every day :(

Food cravings: None really…I barely have any room in my stomach to eat anymore. I have been eating a lot of sweets though. Although then this last week I was really hungry so maybe baby is having a growth spurt?

Symptoms:  Having lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions. Sometimes they’re so uncomfortable that they wake me up at night. I also seem to get tired every afternoon around 2pm. And by dinnertime I literally need to go to bed halfway thru my meal and have to leave the table and go lay down. 

Weeks 34-36 week Collage ~ ElephantEats.com

What I miss:  Being able to walk without waddling or getting out of breath. Being able to sleep more comfortably. Oh, and a good roast beef sandwich!

What I’m loving: Still loving when I feel the baby move, although now he’s kicking hard enough that it’s uncomfortable.I’m also really enjoying working from home :) It makes it so much easier to eat healthier during the day too!

What I’m looking forward to:  Meeting our baby boy! I can’t believe there’s less than a month to go. It’s really crazy. My office threw me a little going-away party of sorts on my last day in the office and they pooled together and got me a lot of stuff off my registry, so I’m feeling slightly more prepared. I still need to order a crib mattress and get the car seat installation inspected.  

Latest Concern: I’m a little worried that labor is going to be harder than I’m expected. I also worry that I won’t be able to handle being a mom. I just get overwhelmed so easily and I’m already nervous about going back to work after my maternity leave :( Also, I already forgot everything we learned in our childcare and breastfeeding classes!

Also the last week my main concern was Nate. He had lithotripsy (surgery to blast his kidney stone into easier-to-pass pieces) last Monday. Thankfully his mom came to help out and left on Tuesday. He felt fine on Tuesday but then the entire rest of the week he was home laying in bed in pain, passing the pieces of stone. He was miserable and I was going up and down the stairs constantly to check on him and make sure he was ok and force him to drink and eat a little. Probably not the rest I should have been getting. It also caused me not to sleep well because I was worried all night long and praying that Nate would feel better in the morning. After a full week and weekend of misery, Nate finally felt well enough on Monday to go to work…phew!

Oh the one day Nate felt ok last week (Tuesday), I somehow ended up back in the hospital. It was majorly good timing since there’s no way I could have driven myself. I thought I had thrown my back out again but was getting these spasms of pain that spread to the front. It didn’t feel like contractions but I was so worried since I’m getting close to my due date. By the time we actually got to the hospital, I was actually feeling better. They did some quick fetal monitoring and said baby is very high up and has plenty of fluid. They said they think he’s sitting on a nerve. Since then, my back hurts most at night when I’m sleeping but hasn’t been too bad.  


  1. I can’t believe your pregnancy is almost over..and don’t worry, you will be a great mom :-)

  2. My gosh! I can’t believe you almost have a baby boy! I’ve been getting really excited to meet ours too… even though I still have 3 months to go.

  3. OMG kidney BLASTING that sounds so intense!

  4. THAT BELLY! And no stretch marks??? Are you rubbing anything on the baby belly of yours? :)


    and STOP BEING RIDICULOUS – you will be an AMAZING mom!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!! <3

    Now, why don't you both get some rest and TRY TO STAY OUT OF THE HOSPITAL for the next couple of weeks until it's baby time. Deal? :)

  5. Oh my goodness! First of all, I love the detail in this post. It’s super helpful for anyone who hasn’t been pregnant and is wondering what the last month of pregnancy is like. You look amazing, and the difference in size between your tummy at 34 and 36 weeks is substantial–very cool to see (though it does sound uncomfortable.) I’m glad Nate is feeling better (thought it sounds like not by much). There’s so much going on over there! You’re going to be a great mom. The way I see it, you’re not going to need to solve problems like bullies at school and talking back and how much screen time the kid is allowed per day for a while yet, you know? Being a good mom is going to entail holding him and feeding him and talking to him and you’re going to be great at that first–without question. I am so excited to hear about how the next few weeks go!

  6. I’m pleased to hear everything is going well. He’s a heavy weight for 36 weeks though so he might be a big bonny boy but it will be fine – my boys were big too and one was 10lbs. Being pregnant in the height of summer isn’t easy and yes, it does make you more tired and it isn’t as easy to sleep. I hope the last few weeks are problem free and how wonderful to be on the countdown. I think it’s completely normal to be feeling apprehensive as well but when the time comes, you’ll be a complete natural xx

  7. Oh wow, Amy. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and scared right now, particularly with everything going on. Hope your husband is all better now. It really makes you appreciate your health. I can’t wait to meet your new addition – time has gone so fast! Just know that you shouldn’t worry too much about labor. It’s going to happen and you will do it as well as all those before you. : )

  8. you. are. adorable! you’re just like the pregnant women i see who are super cute and their belly just sticks out and everything else looks perfect. i was NOT that cute, fyi, b/c swollen rhinos are just not that cute. :) i’m getting super excited for the baby! don’t you worry: those classes are great, and you feel like you’ve forgotten things, but it’ll all come back to you, and alot of it is just instinct. some things you’ll be awesome at, some things you’ll continually suck at, but that’s okay! it’s all part of the process. I still can’t diaper anything correctly, so. :) you’ll be totally okay: rest up, especially with those BH contractions: i remember those always happened for me in the afternoon BECAUSE I WAS DOING WAY TOO MUCH IN THE MORNING, AMY. ;)

  9. Looking great. Best to you on the home stretch! – You can delete this if you want… but one fun benefit of late pregnancy I remember is nocturnal orgasms… Can I say that here!! All that pressure in the uterus:) cheers, wendy

  10. Thinking of you and the whole family… sending you love and positive vibes… can’t wait to hear your news and meet your baby boy, xx

  11. You are still so cute! Take it easy. Hope Nate is feeling good. Don’t worry about labor. Really. You can handle it. I would always think of all the wimpy people I knew that had babies and figured if they survived, I was going to be fine. :)

  12. So sweet that he’s the size of a melon!! Really puts it into perspective!

    All your worries and fears are completely normal! I’m certain every parent goes through those emotions, especially if its their first time around! You can do it =)

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  13. Elizabeth @ SugarHero.com

    Oh gosh, you’re in the home stretch! Congrats! I hope you have a smooth last month of pregnancy and feel great!

  14. How lovely, almost time to meet him! Congratulations and enjoy being a new Mum!

  15. We are eagerly awaiting the new arrival. Wishing you all the best.

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