33 week Pregnancy Pic ~ ElephantEats.com

My belly is poking out from under my shirt now!

I’m feeling bigger every day. 

We just finished taking our childbirth classes. The last class was a “Baby Care” class that taught about changing diapers, swaddling and other such things. I thought it was useful but Nate said he won’t remember anything we learned by the time the baby comes. I do agree that you probably don’t really start learning til you’re actually doing it. 

I also went to a Breastfeeding class that Nate chose not to join in on (i was only one of 3 women whose significant others didn’t come). I told him it was fine but after going I think he actually would have gotten a lot out of it. Oh, but he also had an excuse since he was hospitalized last week…long story involving a seizure on our morning commute and a kidney stone. Thankfully he’s doing much better now! Probably the scariest moment of my life tho, and I’m so glad I was on the train with him. 

A couple weeks ago, I had my checkup and when I stood up at the end the doctor said “wow, your belly is very prominent!” You know if an ObyGyn says you’re big, you must be :( No wonder it’s getting so hard to move!

While I was there, my doc asked if I had any contractions. I told her that I get what I think are Braxton-Hicks contractions and she confirmed that that’s what it sounded like. She said they’re perfectly harmless unless you get more than 4 in an hour, in which case it could be a sign of pre-term labor.

Of course I noticed the contractions even more after she told me that and by the end of the day I was feeling them continuously, especially when I walked to meet Nate at the train. My doctor had told me that when I feel them I should chug water since it could be a sign of dehydration.

Weeks 31-33 Collage ~ ElephantEats.com

My belly is getting so big it’s going out of the photo box…

All through dinner I chugged water and a couple hours later I was still getting them every 5 min. I debated what to do since it was like 9:30pm by this point, but finally decided to call the doc. She told me to lay down and rest and keep drinking water, and if they didn’t ease up, to go to the hospital.

I rested and by 10:30 i felt like they were still coming although at this point I was confused what was a contraction and what wasn’t. I didn’t wanna deal with going to the hospital and being there til the early hours of the morning. but at the same time I was nervous to go to bed in case something was wrong. Finally I decided I’d just drive myself to the hospital since I wasn’t in pain, just uncomfortable.

I checked in and they monitored me for about an hour before the doc came in. I dozed on and off since it was way past my bedtime at this time. The doc there confirmed that I was having contractions so she did some tests to make sure it wasn’t pre-term labor…thankfully it wasn’t. After another couple hours of monitoring and making me drink about a quart of water, I was released. I got home at about 2am! In the end I was glad I went though. Better safe than sorry!

In the meantime, I’ve been drinking water religiously since then and I’m still getting contractions semi-regularly. I told my doc at my 33 wk appt and she said to just keep drinking water and resting. Luckily I’m going to start working from home this Friday, which she confirmed was a good idea since the contraction happen more often when I’m walking- my commute is really getting to me.

In nursery related news, I drew a few woodland animals and framed them to hang in the nursery. I decided to go with orange as an accent color so i made a mat with some scrapbook paper.

Woodland Nursery artwork ~ ElephantEats.com

I’m feeling majorly behind on getting baby stuff and I’m starting to stress. I still have barely any clothes, no crib mattress or baby tub. Basically all I have is a crib and car seat (which I need to install soon!) :( I’ve been hitting up my mommy friends to figure out what I need but am feeling majorly overwhelmed. I can’t belive the baby could be here possibly in like a month….


  1. Well, any doubts I had are erased after seeing this most recent pic. There’s no way you’re faking this whole pregnancy thing.

    The woodland animals are absolutely charming! Maybe get one printed onto a t-shirt for Nate {with your phone number} so people can get in touch with you in case of emergency…

  2. So glad Nate is okay and baby didn’t decide to come early! Don’t worry about not being prepared. You can send Nate out to buy whatever you need before you get home from the hospital. In fact, some things you might decide you never need. Very smart to take a breastfeeding class. My second learned to latch almost immediately but I struggled with my first for almost three months until things got smoother. A class beforehand would have helped me know at least to ask for help ASAP with her. Hang in there in this last bit of pregnancy. It’s not comfortable but so worth it! :)

    • Thanks, Nicole! Gosh, the timing was def god with Nate’s little episode. I’m def not afraid to ask for help but I hope breastfeeding is easy. Guess we’ll see. P.S. Got your little present…so sweet of you! A thank you note will be coming when I get my act together ;)

  3. Yikes, such drama! Glad your husband is okay, but that must have been hella terrifying. Good to hear you’ll be able to rest up more while working from home, hopefully your proximity to unfinished baby things won’t cause you additional stress while working! :P

  4. Wow, things are moving so fast! Glad to hear your husband is okay… sounds like a scary episode. Also, those woodland creatures are just perfect. Such a great idea for decorating a nursery!

  5. Wow I can’t believe your baby is almost here..good luck with everything! And I love the nursery prints, so cute!

  6. Amy, how scary about your husband. So glad he is doing better now. You guys take care.
    And try to take a deep breath – everything is so overwhelming right now, I know, but remember that no one is ever fully prepared and ready. Just try to do one thing at a time and ask for/accept as much help as you can. I didn’t accept enough help way back when and I should have! Btw, love your drawings. Good luck and keep us posted!

    • Thanks, Monica. It was a stressful week…he’s certainly making it hard to rest during this pregnancy! I will definitely be accepting help if offered and my grandma offered to pay a baby nurse for the first week so that should be helpful…

  7. You look gorgeous, honestly! And look at that belly… I love that it’s moving out of the photo box!

    Those woodland animals look great, you need a Etsy store! <3

  8. Wow, so glad Nate is doing better now and that baby didn’t decide to come early. Aaw, it can be overwhelming with all the baby gear out there…everything will all fall into place eventually :) I think you look beautiful and love your drawings :)

  9. Your drawings are so cute! I hope I can do some cute nursery decorations for ours! I saw some really cute DIY inspiration in Pinterest a while back. My idea requires a baby handprint though, so it’ll have to be one of my first projects after he’s born.

  10. What drama. I’m sorry to hear about Nate’s kidney stone. I’ve heard they’re extremely painful. And having to go to the hospital in the middle of the night is no fun at all. I’m glad it was nothing serious like early labour. The pictures for the nursery are gorgeous. And I wouldn’t stress about what to buy – I found that friends and family were so generous I came home from hospital with just about everything I needed xx

    • Thanks, Charlie. We had some more kidney stone drama this week…ugh. I’m sure I’ll end up having everything I need. I think babies don’t need a whole lot :)

  11. Haha, yup, I seem to remember my obs/gyn saying something similar about my ample belly… in fact, I think his exact words were “poor mom” … it only makes us stronger :). How great are your woodland animals? You’re a star Amy. Thinking of you lots as you move closer and closer to your big day… Big hugs, xx.

    • Haha, glad I’m not the only one, Kelly ;) Well at least I’m getting used to carrying around this weight…although I suppose it’s my arms that will need to tone up once he comes. Thank you!!!

  12. I am glad it wasn’t preterm labor. My first child dropped at 29 weeks and I was in preterm labor. It was scary but thankfully with the terbutaline it helped my daughter stay put until 36 weeks. Phew. The woodland animal pictures are adorable.

    • Thanks, Pam. Wow, you droped at 29 weeks? Glad your daughter stayed in for a bit longer. Doc told me at my appt yesterday that I still haven’t dropped. Hopefully I won’t have to be induced…

  13. You’re getting SO close! And you look terrific. Glad Nate is OK and that baby is holding out a little longer!! xo

  14. What a scar with Nate and you having to check in at the hospital. You are right…better safe than sorry plus it eases your mind. The nursery is coming along nicely, love your woodland animal pictures.

  15. You look amazing, Amy, thank you for sharing these with all of us! I’m so sorry to hear about your husband Nate, I’m glad he’s doing much better now, I can imagine it’s pretty scary when your loved one is hospitalized. You are one amazing talented artist, these woodland animals are sooooo cute. You can do it, Amy, I’ve known a few people who have gone through pregnancies and got through it quickly, they will soon realize once they have their baby, the stress comes off quickly.

    • Aw, thanks, Rika! I hope the stress goes away after he arrives. I think having to go back to work will bring another level of it tho :(

  16. You look AWESOME girl!! So close to the end!! :) And EEK to Nate’s seizure! I’m glad everything is okay now, but I’m sure it was insane as it was happening. Thinking of you guys!

    • Thank you, Joanne! I know, I seriously can’t believe how close I am to the due date…at this point I just assumed I’d be pregnant forever.

  17. you look sooooo adorable and i cant believe you are so close. sorry about Nate’s health – i am glad hes better now and hope it doesnt happen again..those animals are perfect for the nursery. take care dear.

  18. Love the woodland artwork! I doing the same theme for my twins nursery and I recently had my very artistic friend make some similar drawings. Love the orange matting and frames! You look great!

  19. Soooo, how are you getting along? I always said that the last month of pregnancy was 8 months long. Every day seemed like a week long. You’re nearly there! Hope to hear from you but we’ll understand that you’ve got a lot on your mind. :)

  20. Oh my goodness! That’s kind of scary–glad you are okay! (And Nate is okay–dang, you guys have been going through it lately!) Also glad to hear that you’ll be able to work from home–seems like exactly what a very pregnant lady needs. :)

    Also, my friend who is totally OCD about these things wrote up a 6-page list for me of every baby item, what she bought, what she thought about it, and if necessary, what she wishes she bought instead. It was kind of a lifesaver when I was trying to figure out what to buy! If you’re interested, email me (elizabeth@sugarhero etc) and I’ll pass it along!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. It was def quite a scare. This has been an awfully eventful summer so far :( Oh my gosh, that list sounds amazing! I need to email you…

  21. Oh, how exciting that you are having a little one. I can imagine that you were a little stressed with all of contractions. I am usually quite full of nervous energy at the end of my pregnancies as you never know when the little one will decide to come. Hope the end of the wait goes smoothly for you…good luck with everything! ps. you have such a pretty little belly…nothing to worry about!

  22. Yes it can be so overwhelming and confusing about what is essential baby stuff! I went through that too but I can tell you now just make sure you have lots of baby wipes and singlets and onesies and blankets and swaddles (zip up ones are easiest and so the BEST) and bottles and formula even if you intend to breastfeed because your milk may come in late (as mine did).

    If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me, I would so love to help!!! Oh my goodness about Nate – must have been a fright for you but so glad all is good now. And how beautiful are the little animals drawings. I love them so much! Hang in there, Amy. I was huge as too and understand how you’re feeling with that massive bump. Take good care x

  23. Amy you look awesome, glad to know that you are close and everything is ok

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