Hello everyone. I’m sorry I’ve been totally MIA (if you’re my blogging buddy, I promise I’ll be to your blog soon to comment!!). Our house has had some delays, and I’ve had to make a billion decisions. We’ve officially booked our move for April 16th although the contractor has told me that he’s barely going to finish by then. UGH.

Anyway, we’ve already started packing, and we’re going to be leaving this apartment with a little more than we came with:

16 weeks pregnant ~ ElephantEats.com 

I wanted to tell you guys SO BADLY. I was waiting til I announced it to my boss, but the secret’s out now…and so is my belly!. Is a belly this big normal for 16 wks?! I’ve only gained 7 lbs so far, so it’s kind of crazy.

Anyway, this baby is a large part of why I haven’t blogged recently. The first trimester I was majorly nauseous and exhausted all the time. I didn’t think you would want to see my “recipes” that I made on a nightly basis (plain pasta).

I’ve finally made it into the second trimester, and I’m feeling so much better. Baby is officially the size of an avocado :)

Now if I just didn’t have the house stuff stressing me out, I might find some time to cook something for you. Soon we’ll be packing up our kitchen so I hope I can find some time between now and then to cook up something tasty. But if I don’t, I promise that I will do lots of cooking in our new kitchen! 

Speaking of the new kitchen, the island has a little issue so we will be island-less for a week or two after moving in :( Not the most convenient thing but at least it will be corrected in the end. 

Here’s a pic of the kitchen partially assembled…but this is with the incorrect, too-big island:

KitchenProgress ~ ElephantEats.com

And now since I’m sure you can’t wait to see, here are some more progess pics of the rest of the house. It’s actually even more done now but I haven’t been out there with a camera lately.




Stair Progress 2 ~ ElephantEats.com

Living Room:




LivingRoom_Progress2 ~ ElephantEats.com

There is going to be a wood mantle surround and cabinets around the fireplace. They’re in the process of being built. The living room is smaller now because there’s a front hall closet and built-in desk/bookcase on the living room side.  

View from fireplace towards front door:




and here’s the bookcase/desk being built, plus some trim on the windows/doors:


Looking towards living room windows from what will now be the hallway:



Living Room Windows Progress2 ~ ElephantEats.com

view from living room windows towards the new hallway to the kitchen/dining rooms:





Now the “kitchen” is officially a dining room and the window in the back is actually the kitchen:

Dining towards Kitchen Progress2 ~ ElephanteEats.com





What was the den is now the back of the kitchen and the new mudroom/laundry room (through that doorway).

Kitchen to Mudroom Progress2 ~ ElephantEats.com

 Ok, let’s go upstairs.

I don’t think I ever showed a before pic of this, but there used to be a closed door leading up to the attic…and now it’s a nice bright, open stairwell!

Stairs to Attic Progress2 ~ ElephantEats.com

Master Bedroom:




Master Bdrm Progress2 ~ ElephantEats.com

There are still windows on the other wall, they’re just cut off in this pic.

View from new Master bedroom “through” the new walk-in closet to the master bathroom:


 MastertoBathroom_Progress2 ~ ELephantEats.com

And here’s a pic from the bathroom back thru the closet hallway into the bedroom:

MasterBathtoBdrm ~ ElephantEats.com

And the rest of these pics don’t have good “before”s unfortunately, so I’ll just give you a new tour:

Nursery (!!!):

Nursery Progress2 ~ ElephantEats.com

Hall Bath:

HallBath Progress2 ~ ElephantEats.com

Bedroom 2:

Bedroom2 Progress2 ~ ElephantEats.com

View towards the closet, which is next to the door to the room:

Bedroom2Closet Progress2 ~ ElephantEats.com

On landing to 3rd floor looking at 3rd floor bedroom door:

3rdFloorLanding ~ ElephantEats.com

3rd Floor Bedroom:

3rdFloorBdrmWindows Progress2 ~ ELephantEats.com

3rd floor bedroom, view from windows to other side of room:3rdFloorBdrm_Progress2 ~ ElephantEats.com


3rd Floor Bath:3rdFloorBath_Progress ~ ElephantEats.com

and same view with tiling started:


3rdFloorBdrm_Progress2 ~ ElephantEats.com

Hope you enjoyed the updated tour. The next pics will prob be after we move in!!! Prob the next time I post a recipe too…unless I can find one stored somewhere that I haven’t posted…




  1. I’m so enjoying your progress – on all fronts! Congrats ~ and best wishes as you start this new and terribly exciting adventure! I’m just so happy for you… xox

  2. Congrats!!!! You will be such great parents. I’m so excited for you. And no, I don’t think your belly is big. It is adorable. :) I like how the house is coming along, too. It looks great!

    • Thank you, Nicole! Haha, ok phew…I see these pics of preggo women with no belly at all. I mean, not that I mind. I can’t wait til I’m showing more- I’m in that weird in-between where people can’t really tell.

  3. You deserve every second of this amazing journey, I love you my friend:) xo

  4. So, so excited for you–for both the move and the baby! It made me so happy when you posted that picture on facebook today :)

  5. Yikes! I’m cringing as I look at the mess. My daughter is doing the same thing, also pregnant. It was the one advice I gave her, but who listens to mom?!!!! Congratulations and smooth sailing!

    • Haha…well luckily we’re not living through the mess. I can’t wait til it’s done and we can move in though. My mom told me the same thing- thank goodness I’m not ready to give birth right now. Thank you!

  6. Hi Amy! Congratulations!!! That is such amazing news and I’m so happy for you! That is a wonderful picture of you – you look great with your little baby bump! I hope you are feeling a lot better now. I remember when i was pregnant (long ago!), I was really nauseous that second month or so but it went away, luckily, and the rest of the pregnancy was a lot easier. I must be so stressful with all this renovation and moving but as crazy as it is, I’m sure, the pictures show a lot of progress. It’s such a big endeavor but don’t lose heart…it is moving along! The kitchen looks awesome! Take care and keep us posted.

    • Thank you, Monica!!! I feel so much better now although still have bouts of food aversions. It’s definitely hard to be doing all this reno stuff while simultaneously being preggo, but thankfully it’ll be over soon.

  7. Oh my gosh, congratulations, Amy!! You look so cute with your baby bump. Congrats on all the house progress, too. And welcome back to blogging :) Take care!

  8. The house looks like it’s coming along great ! and OMG a thousand congratulations on the baby!!!! <3

  9. Oh boy what a journey.
    I remember when we finally moved into our first home–I was so happy as we had moved at least 7 times in 4 years. And finally, oh so finally we had our own place. No more moving boxes! LOL

  10. Behbeh elephants. SO many congrats!!! <3 *happy sighs for everything*

    • hehehehe, behbeh elephants! That make it so much cuter. Thank you so much, Jen!!! I hope you’re doing well…I miss your blogging!

  11. Amy!!! I’m so so excited for you guys! The house and the baby! I can’t even! I would hug you! Congrats, mama!

  12. congratsss :) you look adorable with that bump. I love that fireplace in your house. take care

  13. How exciting!!!! Congratulations!!! For some reason my belly never got all that big when I was pregnant. Maybe because I have a long torso. And I swear all the weight I gained went to my rear end
    Can’t wait to see what your kitchen looks like. New kitchens are fabulous!

    • Thank you, Christin!!! I have a long torso too, so we’ll see. Hehe, I wonder where I’m going to carry my weight. My mom didn’t gain much with either my brother or me so I hope I follow suit. And don’t worry, finished kitchen pics will definitely be showcased here :)

  14. Hooray for the baby news!!!! Congratulations!!! You look just the way you should. And your house is coming along beautifully…so much progress since I last stopped by. You must be so excited!

    • hehe, thanks so much, Liz! Yes, so much progess has been done…and even more than I showed. I’m a bit behind on picture-taking. I think i’ll just wait til it’s done in a couple weeks to show any more.

  15. HEY HOT MAMA! Your house is coming along right nice, and your belly? Cuuuuuuuute:) I wish April 16th to be the stressfree-est of days for you.

    • :) Oh my gosh, I hope your wish comes true. Right now I’m kinda wishing I could just transport myself to April 17th… Thanks, Emma!

  16. I’m SOOOOO happy for you!!! And as for your belly, your 16 week belly looks like my normal belly…so I think you’re fine!

    • Thank you so much, Joanne!!! Hahahah, i know it’s so nice to FINALLY have an excuse for why my belly is sticking out, besides having a big dinner ;)

  17. Oh my goodness! Is that the cutest baby bump ever or what?! Many congratulations to you. That is the BEST news ever!

    Glad also to hear the house is coming along so well. Sounds like an exciting time of change for you!!!!

  18. Congratulations Amy! You’ve been busy! ;) So happy for you…this is such an exciting time. Wishing all the best!

  19. Congrats Amy. Excellent news and I’m very happy for you and Nate and it’s good to hear you’re feeling a lot better. The first trimester is very trying! You’re doing such a great job of renovating your house. I’m super-impressed and can’t wait for the next instalment of updated images xx

    • Thank you, Charlie! Yes, the first trimester was no fun, although I can’t complain really since I think based on what I’ve heard that it could have been a lot worse. Can’t wait to share the completed house…moving in less than two weeks!!!

  20. What a huge year for you with the new family member, gorgeous house – loved the progress photos, and now you’re back to cooking. You and the avocado take good care of yourselves. :)

  21. Wow! Looks like you have made a lot of progress on your house! That is so exciting!! And congrats on the baby bump!! :) So exciting!

  22. Bet you are going to miss all that shag…. not! It’s really looking great and I can only imagine the stress. We had our house built and it was intense but a remodel like your are doing, I would think, is that much more so in working to redefine spaces.
    Anyway… just keep it all in perspective and remember the most important thing is that little bump. He/she won’t really care about the lighting and plumbing fixtures, the tile or the other million decisions you have to make.
    Cheers… and glad you are feeling better. x wendy

    • Hehe, I was SO happy to see that carpet god…and you wouldn’t believe what gorgeous old oak floors were hiding underneath. Who knows why they got covered, but at least the carpet kept them pristine for me :) If you’ve built a house then you def know how stressful this is! It’s worse because I’m not near the house so I can only check on it every couple of weeks at which point, for the most part, mistakes have already been made. It’ll all be over soon though ;) Thanks, Wendy!!

  23. Congratulations, Amy! So exciting! It looks like the house is coming along great, I can only imagine how nice everything will look when it is all done.

  24. Amy! Oh my goodness! Of course I love seeing the house pictures…but I can’t help but just jumping up and down for joy with news of this baby! BEST EVER! You look beautiful and will be an amazing mama. Follow my other blog (cordmama.com) where I share birth stories, pregnancy stories, etc…I’d actually love to feature you on a Pregnancy Knot! Take a look at the blog and then send me an email if you’re interested :-)

  25. Awww, congratulations!! Motherhood is amazing, exhausting, and totally miraculous! :)

  26. Amy, congratulations!!!! That is so exciting! What a great year 2014 is for you–a new baby and a new house. My totally unsolicited advice is to forget about the blog for a week or two and just concentrate on getting lots of rest and ready for the move. We’ll still be here when you get back! Major congratulations. :)

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! 2014 is certainly gonna be a doozy for us…so many changes. I think I have been unintentionally forgetting about the blog anyway ;) Plus, I’m not up to my ears in boxes in our apartment and as soon as we move I’m sure it will take weeks to unpack everything, so I don’t know when I’ll be back with a new post. Thank you for your sweet words and being understanding! :)

  27. Girl! I hopped into this thread looking at a house update and I got another big happy surprise! I’m so happy for you guys! Was baby planned with the house (is that too nosy to ask? Sorry!)? This is such a great time though as you can really start out in such a happy new place! I can’t wait to see so many more pictures!

    • hehe, suprise! You’re so curious like me :) Totally not too nosy to ask…the baby was definitely planned. We weren’t sure how long it would take to get pregnant so although we knew it was possible to have the stress of the house and moving while I was pregnant, we tried to make sure I at least would only be in the 1st or 2nd trimester during it all. I can’t wait to settle in and work on the nursery. Many pictures coming soon as we move in next wednesday!

  28. Things are cookin’ along on all fronts!! Congratulations again beautiful Amy… I’m so happy for you Nate and L.C. ;-). Your home renos are totally inspiring me… I never thought we’d be doing the whole reno thing again (as I’m sure you can attest, it’s a lot…) but life may have different plans for us. I’m thinking of you Amy… take good care of yourself. Enjoy all the steps along the way — it really is a remarkable time. Eat as well as you can and sneak in your rest whenever possible! (life is about to change in a *big* way :) ). Hugs, xx.

    • Thank you so much, Kelly :) I think that to get what you guys want, a reno is probably in your future, unfortunately. It’s definitely fun but stressful too…hopefully yours won’t be quite as involved. Keep me posted! Trying to rest as much as possible…all I can say is that once we move in next week, I’m going to just sit on our couch in our new living room and finally be able to relax!

  29. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! congrats on all the things!!! :) and your belly is perfect: you’re like, so tiny in size that i’m sure the belly would pop out early…it’s adorable, and everyone carries in different ways (you look like you got the cute, straight-out way). :) i am SO EXCITED to see the final photos when everything is finished! just watching the progress on it makes me like, super inspired to keep going with our own (cosmetic, nothing near yours) renovations to get our house ready to sell. Rest up, girl: you’ve obviously got a lot going on.

    • Shannon, I think you’re the first person to ever refer to my size as “tiny”….and you are now my best friend ;) Yeah, I def think my belly is growing straight out! I’m kind of excited to see it grow. Can’t wait to share the finished house pics…we’re moving in in exactly one week (eeek!!!). Thanks, Shannon :)

  30. First, congratulations! You have a lot of exciting things happening. The best of luck to you on your move to your new home.

  31. Congratulations!!! Looks like things are really coming along with the house too. Love the bathroom tile!

  32. Being a mom is the best! Congrats. The house looks awesome!

    • Thanks, Pam :) I’m pretty excited about this whole mom thing…still doesn’t feel real. So glad you stopped by!!

  33. Aaaw, yay!!!! Congratulations Amy – you look gorgeous and so adorable :) So many exciting things – the house looks awesome and good luck with your move tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear more updates :)

  34. Congrats on 16 weeks!!! And great progress!! Such an exciting adventure :)

  35. AW! How exciting! Both on the baby front and the new house! Love the wood, and I know it’s not finished yet, but it’s starting to look like my idea of my dream space already :)

    • Aw, thanks :) I can’t wait to show it to you all finished. It’s definitely wood-heavy…lots of stained wood on the first floor in particular.

  36. Omg CONGRATS!!!! Amazing news. Best of luck to you and Nate with the move…looks like the house is coming along!

  37. I’m so excited for you and Nate, congratulations! Love seeing the progress on your home. By now you have made the move, I know you must be so excited by everything that is going on in your life right now. :D

    • Thank you, Karen!!! Yep, we’ve officially made the move, although things aren’t completely done. It’s been a stressful time, hence the lack of updates. I’m definitely excited tho :)

  38. Kelly @ Inspired Edibles

    I think we need an update on the belly sister — even if it’s just one line and one profile pic. Miss u ♡.

    • Hehehe, I actually finally took an updated pic last night! I’m going to try to post soon. Sorry I’ve been MIA :( Miss you too!

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