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Halloween Cat ~ ElephantEats.com

I alluded to it in my last post, but Nate decided this year that we should dress LC up for Halloween. If you remember my post from a couple years ago, we learned that cats don’t really like wearing costumes.

But Nate didn’t care about LC’s feelings, he only cared about his own enjoyment (don’t worry, I rewarded her with treats for all the torture she endured). And so in preparation for Halloween, Nate bought three costumes and he’d like you lovely blog readers to decide which she should wear:

**I highly encourage all of my cat-loving blog friends to partake in humiliating your cat and posting it on your blog as well (hint hint Rachael, Natalie, Pamela)! Coordinating background drawings are optional ;) **

Option #1: 

Cat Costume #1 ~ ElephantEats.com

LC really didn’t like wearing this, hence the blurry photo.

Option #2:

Cat Costume #2 ~ ElephantEats.com

She’d wear this skeleton tie every day if she could.

Option #3:

Cat Costume #3 ~ ElephantEats.com

By this point, LC knew what we were up to but chose to cooperate.

On a semi-related animal note, I just finished my latest pet portrait for my coworker. She had seen my other portraits and asked if I could paint her miniature Schnauzer, Scottie.

Scottie passed away some years ago, but she told me he was her favorite dog. She wanted me to reproduce a photo of him she had that she loves. Unfortunately the photo was pre-digital photography and was a bit dark and grainy so it was hard to work with. I decided that I could best do a smaller portrait since it involved less detail, so this is my first 6″ square portrait. 

Custom Miniature Schnauzer Acrylic Pet Portrait ~ ElephantEats.com

If you’re interested in having me paint your furry friend, send me an email and I can give you more info!

And finally, on a completely unrelated note, our wedding had a little blurb in Ocala Style Magazine (Ocala is in Florida)! I had been asked by our photographer to submit photos to them but never heard anything back. My parents live in Florida, though, and apparently my mom’s friend who was at our wedding was flipping thru the magazine at a doctor’s office and saw our blurb! So random :)

Click to view our blurb in Ocala Style!

Our wedding was also featured on the blog GreenWeddingShoes back in March for those who missed it! You can check out the amazing video Nate made for the wedding there :)


  1. so cute the animal costumes and why not if humans are allowed to do as such?

  2. How lovely to have your wedding images featured in a magazine even if they didn’t tell you. You’re a very talented artist and I think you did a great job painting that dog. As for the cat costume, I love the one the cat liked least – that mouse in the horse’s saddle is just too funny xx

  3. Awww LC looks so so cute in all those costumes! And your wedding sounds perfect :)

  4. My cats would kill me in my sleep if I tried to dress them up. Actually, ebony wouldn’t even wait for me to go to sleep. She would kill me dead in the kitchen. Which is sad, because your LC looks freakin’ amazing in all of those costume options! And the backgrounds are beast!

    LOVE your latest portrait.

  5. omg this post was amazing…makes me wish I had a cat! I wonder how tough it would be to convince my friend to let me borrow her’s purely for my own entertainment?

  6. Too much fun!! Loving the Sailor Kitty myself (Monsieur Black advises LC to stay far away from the slippery slope of the biz scene though he quite likes the tie ;-)). I think you did a great job with Scottie. When you capture the spirit of an animal there’s no need for picky detail — your interpretation is beautiful. Scottie manages to look strong, vigilant and kind all at the same time. Love his eyes. How neat about your appearance in the Fla magazine — your wedding was nothing short of magical and the photos really bring that to light.

  7. CONGRATS ON THE WEDDING FEATURE! I am thinking we won’t be able to take wedding photos because all of my hair will have fallen out from stress by then. Maybe I should skip the wedding so that I can save my hair.

    On to more important things…
    I like the #1 costume, the other two aren’t nearly as embarrassing or uncomfortable for the cat.

    • Thanks, Natalie! Don’t stress too much…just take it one day at a time…and hopefully give yourself at least a year to plan.
      Haha, she was definitely not enjoying costume #1. In fact, she was actually like paralyzed with fear when we put it on her.

  8. I vote for Sailor Cat, if you also make her a little pumpkin boat:) My cat, like movita’s, would murder me if I dressed her up for a prolonged period of time in something cutesy. But…. now you’ve got me thinking!

  9. I am all over this post.
    First, you look beautiful in the wedding photos. Gorgeous!
    I think LC looks real good in the business attire, real professional, but only wearing a tie to the office might not be the best idea, but I think if anyone can do it, LC can!
    We tried costumes, I desperately wanted Xanadu to be a dinosaur one year so I bought her a costume but she acted like she was dying. So much drama. Then I bought her country girl style pigtails and thought she would enjoy that but she wasn’t into my hair choices for her. I have been trying to get Brother in the mood for possibly dressing up as he seems most relaxed so every now and then I put something on his head and see if he notices it. A few nights ago I put a thumb drive on his head and he kept it there for a few minutes. One step at a time until we can get him to dress up in full costume.

    • Aw, thanks, Pamela! I agree, LC makes quite the businesscat. She’s not too professional though…I can see her falling asleep at her desk, especially if the sun streams in her window.
      omg, a dino costume would be so cute!!! hahahahahah, i laughed out loud about the thumb drive on Brother’s head. Good idea tho!

  10. SAILOR CAT! pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease i hope sailor cat wins it.
    that is the sweetest dog portrait! oh amy, you did such a nice job on it. it’s beautiful.
    am i surprised that your wedding keeps showing up in places? nope. not one little bit. your wedding is like my pi pie…just pops up again and again in places. as well it should.

    • I want Sailor Cat too! She’s just so freaking cute in that costume :)
      Aw, thanks, Shannon. I’m so glad people like your pie and my wedding so much!

  11. I think I’m rooting for business cat! Kitties all have that no-nonsense attitude to match… And I had no idea you painted! What a nice thing to do for your friend.

  12. This is hysterical! I love all of LC’s costumes! My 26 y/o loves to dress up our geriatric dog all year round…he already has the mummy photos to share on Halloween. He needs to work on background scenery!

  13. I think I like the sailor cat costume the best. :) Too cute! And how exciting it is to have your wedding photo featured on a magazine. Very cool Amy! :) Have a great weekend.

  14. I love business cat! Lol. Poor LC. :P

  15. I think I like sailor cat best. What a good sport your cat is. We’ve never tried to dress our cat, but our poor dog had to endure the humility of wearing a Mrs. Claus costume last Christmas. She’s a very good sport. Love the pet portrait. You have many talents!

    • We’ve had to work up to this…last year she wouldn’t tolerate any costumes. We have determined that she’s not a fan of having things put on her head…she doesn’t mind having things around her neck though. Thanks, Christin! :)

  16. I definitely vote for option 1! Your cat is such a good sport.

  17. Obviously, Rodeo Cat is the way to go. I think I’ll make it like the rule I have with my mom’s dogs and their jingle bell collars: on the first day of the commencement of that holiday season/month(in this case October 1, in their xmas costume case the day after Thanksgiving) the adornment must be put on. So get ready LC!!!!! Pretty soon she’ll be singing…The stars at night are big and bright…

  18. So adorable, all of them! Your wedding photos are gorgeous btw! :)

  19. You are so lovely! I can’t wait to check out your wedding pics now! And I love the pet portrait. You are so talented! As for sweet kitty? Sailor is my vote! Thank you for sharing this all!

  20. So CUTE! I like all of the costumes…all hilarious. I used to dress up my dog, Frankie and she absolutely hates it!

  21. this is absolutely adorable! my cat would absolutely murder me if i attempted to put one of these on her, but i’d definitely go for the rodeo cat if i could. so cute! :)

    the hobbit kitchen x

    • haha, the consensus among my cat-owning blog friends seems to be that their cats are willing to commit manslaughter! My cat wasn’t happy, but I don’t think she’d want to see me dead. Thanks, Holly :) So glad you stopped by!

  22. So hysterical!! Love all the cute costumes :D

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