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Before I get to the house, I must wish a very

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Nate!!

We’re having some friends over tonight and I’m going to cook him up quite the birthday dinner feast, complete with a butterscotch cake. So, I will have recipes for you soon, assuming I don’t forget to take pics :)

Alright, so I left off last time after giving you a tour of the first floor of our house. Today, I’m moving onto the second floor!

Again, here’s a friendly floorplan to help you ground yourself while I’m giving my tour:


Right now the second floor has 4 bdrooms (one is miniscule- the top left) and one bathroom. We’re going to turn it into three bedrooms and 2 full baths, and then put another bed/bath on the third floor (currently a walk-up unfinished attic). One of the bed/baths will be a master suite with a walk-in closet!

 Ok, so remember those stairs that you could go up and down to the kitchen? Well if you were to turn right on the landing, you’d head up to the second floor. Here we go.


Gotta love that carpet. Again, hardwood floors are underneath it throughout the house! 


Here you are at the top of the stairs. Directly ahead of you is the bedroom that’s in the top right of the floorplan. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take a pic of that room…and in my opinion it’s the nicest room. Oh well.

If you turn to the right, you’re facing the bedroom in the bottom left of the floorplan. Here it is:



It’s a decent sized room but I just couldn’t capture it well. It’s going to be combined with the room next to it to turn into a giant master suite.

If you come back out of that room and look across the hall you can see the bathroom and the corner of the bedroom I didn’t get a pic of:


If you come out of the room and turn right, you see what was being used as the master bedroom. It will become the hall bath combined with the master suite:


Ironically, the master bedroom is the only bedroom that has carpet over the hardwood, but after we renovate it will be the only bedroom with hardwood…I think. I feel like kids’ rooms are better with carpet but look prettier with hardwood.

If you come out of the master bedroom and look across the hall, this is your view. It’s the best view to kind of get a feel for the size of the hallway upstairs:


Come walk across the hall and check out the existing bathroom. Please try not to be jealous of the wallpaper ;) The sink is actually in really good shape so I’m thinking maybe I can reuse it in the guest bath upstairs:



The two bedrooms that border the bathroom are actually going to expand into where the bathroom is, and the bathroom will no longer be there. The two new bathrooms will be on the bottom right part of the house.

I’ll share the new floorplan when it’s final.

And finally, let’s head up to the attic:


You walk up some stairs to a landing, turn right and continue going up the stairs. Here’s your view at the top:


As I said, we’re going to finish part of it and put a bed and bath up there. There’s going to be a huge dormer put into the back (left of the pic) with several windows.

If you go to the other side of the attic where the fan is and turn around, this is your view…and Nate’s favorite pic of all the photos I took of the house:



That concludes my house tour. I hope you enjoyed it!

I’ll update you with the floorplans when the architect is done…and I’ll show you a pic of the backyard when I take it, because it’s super cute :)





  1. LOVE IT. And I adore the attic!

    Happy birthday to Nate! May his next year be full of easy, dirt-free renovations…

  2. FOUR bedrooms!! WHOA! And I will never ever understand why people cover up beautiful hardwood with carpet! We had no carpet in my house growing up and I don’t intend to ever have any should I ever own a place!

    Happy birthday to Nate!

    • I know it’s so much bigger than a NYC apartment!!! I can’t wait for all the room. Gosh, I know…there was a period of time when people liked carpet better than hardwood. What was wrong with people?!

  3. Happy Birthday to Nate, that’s my bf’s brother’s name, too! Thanks for the tour!

  4. Amy, it looks and sounds just wonderful! I can picture what you’re going to do and I have a feeling it is going to be a total “wow”! You’ll have a ton of space, with that additional room and bath up in the attic. I’m really excited for you! : )

    And super Happy Birthday to your husband. Enjoy the fabulous birthday feast. Remember the pictures – want to see that cake!! : )

    • Aw, thanks so much, Monica! Gosh, I wish I could just press the fast forward button of life and move right up to like the end of all of the construction.
      I will def take cake pictures even if I forget the rest ;)

  5. Heehee, I’m green with envy over that wallpaper!! I love homes like this… great bones just waiting for a a creative touch… the hardwood floors hiding underneath and such a great layout to work with. I’ll admit that the attic is freakin’ me out a bit (I’m a scaredy cat — seriously overactive imagination) but how cool and a great space. Thank for the grounding floor plan too ;-). Can’t wait for your next installment. Happy, Happy Birthday Nate!! Hope you two (three) have a fabulous day :).

    • hehehehe, i know, it’s gorgeous, right?! I love the hardwoods and I’m so excited they’re there. I’m thinking I want them to be stained fairly dark. The attic is totally not creepy at all, though I haven’t been up there in the dark ;)
      I hope you’re settling into your new place well, Kelly!

  6. Happy bday, Nate!

    Can I move in?

  7. wonderful place to move in … i love everything.

  8. So many bedrooms! That’s awesome. The molding and hardwood floors and beautiful. You guys picked a winner.

  9. Hope your husband had a fabulous birthday! I love old houses!! It’s so much fun to let your creative spirit go wild and put your own stamp on them!

  10. Happy birthday to sweet Nate! I just loved seeing more of these before pics. I can’t wait to see the finished product. This is like an HGTV show (but better!) Thank you for sharing! I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog tomorrow for one of Ryan’s necklaces, and I’d love for you to stop by! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

    • Thanks, Monet! So glad you enjoyed the before pics…I’m always wondering how much non-food stuff people want to see on a food blog, hehe. I LOVE HGTV! Going to check out your giveaway now :)

  11. I love it! I’ve always wanted to have my bedroom up in the rafters of a house, and you attic is gorgeous. It looks like it will be a beautiful home.

  12. Happy birthday to your husband Amy! :) So sweet of you to cook for him. WOW, this is a huge house. I think I would also covert it to 3 bedrooms/2bathrooms too. Awesome pick! :)

  13. Happy birthday to your hubby! Can’t say to see the finished project!

  14. Happy birthday to your hubby! Wow, there are quite a bit of work there. But I really love your idea of turning 2 little room into one giant master suit! Nice space in the attic! Wish you a smooth remodling process. Can’t wait to see the end result! ;)

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  16. happy birthday to Nate! and let me just say that this is a fabulous home. like this is the sort of home i would pick and want to do all the renovations to (hired, not myself, i have cosmetic talent, like painting, not actual construction, although i can tear out a carpet). Tim? he would NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT LETTING US NEAR A HOUSE LIKE THIS. he wants what is commonly referred to as “move in ready”, or at least move in ready for the most part.
    he does not enjoy a project. i DO enjoy a project. i want so many updates while construction is going on so i can see how this big project progresses. I’m so excited for you two! and i plan to live vicariously through your construction. :)

    • Aw, thanks, Shannon! I knew you’d like the house since we seem to have very similar aesthetic taste :) I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of having a gigantic project looming over my head, but there honestly wasn’t any move-in ready house that was not only what I wanted, but was also in our price range. This was really the best option. I would totally love to DIY the renos but they’re a bit advanced since we’re moving walls, etc. Plus, I’m not a fan of lead paint which i assum e this project has. Can’t wait to show you updates! God, I really hope we can get a contractor and our permits within 2 months or this will take FOREVER.

  17. I love your house tour! I was “hoping” you hadn’t hung that wall paper…LOL. Such a wonderful home!

  18. Your house looks wonderful, so much room to move. I look forward to seeing the changes over time its always great to have a project. Yes I will put my hand up and say that I am very jealous of the wall paper in the bathroom along with your groovy red benches in the kitchen – so cool. Its great to see the photos. Also I have always wanted an attic, here in Australia we don’t really have them we opt for ridiculous sized verandas.

    • Thanks, Lizzie! We’re very excited about it. Haha, I know that wallpaper is something I was sad to part with ;) I’d love a ridiculously sized veranda!! So I guess I’m jealous of you too :)

  19. How did I miss this? ESPECIALLY, how did I miss that wallpaper!?? omg it’s beautiful!

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