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Remember how I told you our wedding was going to be featured on Green Wedding Shoes? Well they posted the feature on Tuesday!!


I’m so so excited. You can see the feature by clicking here. There are a TON more photos than either I’ve shared here or that the photographer posted on her site. Still not many details of all my projects, but you can get a closer view of the cake topper I made. Go check it out :)

Next on the agenda- my pet portrait business! If you’d like a custom portrait, email me at elephanteats@gmail.com for pricing information.

Since I’ve devoted my last 3 paintings to dogs, and I’m trying to expand my little pet portrait business, I finally found to time to paint my adorable kitty- L.C.! My first foray into the feline world.

Custom Cat Painting

We affectionately refer to her as “foot face,” and I think you can see why from the pose. When she sleeps, she often has one or both of her back feet in her face. Sometimes her front paws too.

Custom Cat Painting

so fluffy!

This painting I decided to go a little larger than my other ones. It’s almost double the size (20″x20″), and I love it! Here it is with the subject herself, for size comparison. :)

Custom Cat Painting

I think she’s pretty pleased to have her portrait hanging on our wall.

I love painting these on 1 inch deep canvases so I can put a coordinating or contrasting color on the edges.

Custom Cat Painting

Hope you guys like it :)  Please send anyone you know who wants a custom pet portrait my way!

I’ll be back next week with a new recipe :)


  1. That picture sums her up pretty well.

  2. EEEE KITTY IS SO CUTE! and that’s a pretty awesome painting, too btw. What a beautiful wedding!!!

  3. I can’t wait to go stalk your wedding. I mean…errr….peruse your feature. :P

    • I’m assuming you mean the painting, and not the furry model ;) But either way, I’ll take that as a compliment! Thanks so much, Skylor!!

  4. OMGosh. You’ve captured my heart. I have 6 furry babies…okay 7, with my son.

    I have four kitties and two dogs. And I love these so much! You are so talented!

  5. What a gorgeous wedding! The pictures are beautiful and your wedding dress was so romantic. : )
    You are a seriously talented painter. As someone who can barely draw beyond stick figures, I am in awe.

  6. My sister has painted our old dog, Lambeau when she was younger. You are just as talented!!! When the old girl isn’t around anymore, I really want to send you some photos and have you paint her. Off to read your wedding feature…so fun!!!!

  7. Your wedding was so beautiful. I can’t stop looking at pictures of it. ;)

    I’m also so impressed with your painting skills. The cat portrait is just beautiful.

    • Aw, I’m glad you liked it! I can’t stop looking at pics either, hehe. Which reminds me, I really need to finish deciding on pic for our album!

  8. Amy…congratulations on your wedding feature!! Seriously, how gorgeous are those pictures… talk about the perfect celebration of colour, light and love. All that fretting was well worth it in the end – LOL!

    Now… about LC… you know how I feel about animals… they break me into pieces and every time I see one of your paintings my heart just about stops. I find you have the uncanny ability to capture the spirit and that’s what’s so striking about your art. It’s about evoking emotion and baby, you move me :). I also like this painting stylistically – how you cropped it what you allowed in and what you left out. You are one gifted cookie! xo.

    • Kelly, you are SO sweet!!!! Nate saw your comment and wanted me to point out that actually he took the photo so technically it was his artistic eye that captured her so well ;) I did choose the photo out of all the ones he took based on the one I thought was best. I cropped it but very minimally. I’m so glad you like the painting so much though! :)

  9. 1. The wedding photos are amazing.
    2. Your wedding cake – and topper – are smashing.
    3. Your newest painting is epically awesome.

  10. I have always thought your wedding was so special. You are quite the artist Amy. I know anyone that has you do a painting will be very pleased.

  11. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!! Gotsta find me some pictures of little bitty sweetheart, because I KNOW you will do a killer job with the painting! :)

  12. it’s official; i will never get tired looking at photos of your wedding. for serious.
    you have some WICKED painting skills, girl; you capture animals so well! Painting is a special talent in and of itself, but painting anything with a face and expressions? the hardest. I’m so impressed and i’m happy we get to see your “outside-the-blog” talent (in addition to your food talents, which are incredible as well.) :)

    • Hehe, I knew you’d be excited about those :)

      Aw, thanks, Shannon! It’s funny how long I go without painting even though I really enjoy doing it. I may be good at dog expressions, but don’t ask me to paint a person…i’m HORRIBLE at people.

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