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Today is my wonderful fiancé’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, Nate!

You can see the recipe for this cake I made him last year here:

I think that was the prettiest cake I’ve ever made…or at least the most colorful! It was actually a joint bday cake for Nate and my dad, since his bday is two days after Nate’s. So Happy early Birthday, Pops!

Nate doesn’t know what I have in store for him this year cake-wise. I’ll be posting the recipe sometime in the next week so I guess you’ll just have to wait :)

Oh, and on a side note, I made the quickest, easiest, most delicious soup ever on Tuesday. We had some cherry tomatoes sitting in our fridge for a while, so I decided to roast them in the oven. I’d say it was a little over a pint. I wanted to do something with them thought. I sauteed about 1-2 cups of finely diced carrot (also dying in our fridge) in some olive oil, added about a cup of chopped fresh basil and sauteed a few min. Then I added the roasted tomatoes and sautéed til the carrots were just about soft. I then added the veggie mixture with a little leftover tomato juice I had on hand to the food processor and processed til it was almost puréed, but still a little chunky. It wasn’t the most delicious looking texture (kinda pukey if you ask me), but I don’t like real super smooth purées. Anyway, I then added this with the rest of the tomato juice (prob about 2 cups total) back to the pot and heated til warm. I added a splash of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and garnished with some parmeson. SO GOOD!!!


  1. Happy birthday to Nate! What an incredible looking cake. I love the rainbow of colours. Can’t wait to see what you come up with this year xx

  2. Hippo bird-day, Nate! Have a great one…

  3. Happy birthday Nate!! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us…I mean…HIM cake-wise this year :)

    • hehe…you know I prob wouldn’t pick cakes that are as visually appealing if it wasn’t for you guys. I’m sure they’d still be tasty though!

  4. Happy Birthday wishes to Nate and your Dad!! That is a spectacular looking cake… the colours are truly extraordinary! It really does look like a combination of rainbow and tie-dye; that’s quite an effect you were able to achieve Mademoiselle artist. And the exterior is so gorgeous too…. meanwhile, where were you guys when you took the birthday cake snaps last year? Looks like you’re right on the ocean. Stunning! I can’t even imagine this year’s creation… let’s just say you’ve set the bar pretty high for yourself :).

    Your last minute soup sounds pretty darn great to me (funny how some of the best tasting stuff can have… well, a pukey colour ;-)).

    • Thank you, Kelly! You’re right, we were down in Sea Isle City, NJ, where my parents rented a house literally ON the beach for the month of August. It was pretty nice! Unfortunately this year’s cake wont’ be nearly as fun as last years, but based on the licks i took of the batter and frosting, it’s going to be a tasty one :)

  5. Happy bday to Nate! What a great smile on his face! :) Seriously, I’m making this, you don’t even have to repeat it, I just know it will be the bomb!! You did a fabulous job on it too Amy, even the glob makes me want to stick my finger in it!! That’s all about the love of homemade!

    • Thank you, Linda! Hehe, let me know how it turns out if you make it! And I totally DID stick my finger in that glob. That’s why I always volunteer to be the person that cuts the cake…in the kitchen of course, where no one can see my sampling.

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