It’s January and I finally had a moment free so I joined up with my favorite bloghop group for a new ingredient/flavor of the month…January is #citruslove month!

This month’s recipe comes with a nice little story attached…let’s just say Thursday was not my day:

I woke up with vertigo. As soon as I rolled over to get out of bed, the room was spinning. It happens to me now and then so I wasnt too concerned, but there was no way I could get out of bed and to work so I called in sick. I tried to go back to sleep to get the spinning to subside. By midafternoon I was feeling a bit better.

I knew the date for posting my #citruslove recipe was this weekend and since it was early afternoon I figured today was the perfect day to cook up some citrusy dinner since I normally wouldn’t get home from work for another few hours. I had an idea in mind for a lemony pasta. I also had leftover sour cream and ham that Nate’s mom sent me home with after New Years. I thought they could all combine into a tasty dish.

Nate came with me and we did some grocery shopping and after catching up on my Teen Mom 2 (oh come on, you know you watch it too), I got started on dinner.

Things were going well until I started zesting the lemon. I had a brand new zester, but as any of you who have used one know, you have to apply a lot of pressure to the fruit to scrape the peel off.

*this is where you might want to skip to the end if you’re not good dealing with blood…

I was just about to finish zesting the lemon when I pulled a little too hard and the zester decided to zest the side of my palm instead. At first I just felt pain but then I looked down and it was a deep slice gushing blood. I get lightheaded when I see blood, especially if it’s my own. I screamed for Nate while running cold water over it. I then applied pressure with a paper towel while I sat down and attempted not to faint.

Nate desperately wanted to help and asked me what to do but I was too light-headed to answer. I finally laid on the bed with my feet up and managed to instruct Nate where I *luckily had butterfly bandages in the linen closet. I would never have bought these but, being the pack rat that I am, I saved them from when my parents were moving out of their condo. Since Nate was unsure and I was too freaked out to think, I did what I do in any emergency, I called up my mom :)

My mom calmly talked me through what Nate should do and Nate very adeptly sealed up my wound. I don’t know what I would have done if I had been alone!

After laying down for a while and making sure the wound was bound enough to stop bleeding, I was determined to finish this meal. I sat on a chair in the kitchen while instructing Nate how to make the rest of the pasta since there was no recipe. Luckily most of the chopping was done since Nate isn’t a fan of using knives. Mind you, Nate has never cooked a meal from scratch.

All-in-all he did an awesome job and dinner was delicious! So that just goes to show you how easy this meal really is ;)…and how lucky I am to have such a wonderful, helpful and sweet fiancé (and a mom who remains cool and collected in a state of emergency!).

Don’t worry, no blood got onto the pasta ;)

Be aware that this pasta is very lemony, so steer clear if you’re not a lemon person.  That being said, Nate and I both thought this may be the most delicious pasta I’ve ever made! Yep, I’m willing to make a statement that bold!

The tart lemon perfectly complements the richness of the sour cream and makes the whole dish seem “light.” Neither Nate nor I are usually a fan of creamy sauces but this one was perfect!

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Creamy Lemon Pasta with Ham and Escarole
Recipe by me

Print this recipe!

serves 5-6

1 medium head of escarole< roughly chopped
1 lb pasta
2 Tbsp butter
1 medium onion, diced
2 Tbsp miced garlic
zest and juice of one lemon
8 oz. sour cream
3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
2 cups diced cooked ham
salt and pepper to taste

Cook pasta as directed. When pasta is al dente, add escarole and cook one minute. Reserve 2 cups pasta water (for thinning sauce out later) and drain pasta/escarole.

While water is boiling, melt butter in a large saucepan. When butter is melted, add onions and cook til soft, 5ish min. Add garlic and cook until garlic begins to brown.

Add lemon juice to pan and stir to get any stuck bits off bottom. Add sour cream and parmesan and stir to combine. Add ham and continue to cook until it’s warmed through. Salt and pepper.

Add pasta/escarole to saucepan and stir to combine with sauce.  If necessary, thin sauce out with some of reserved pasta water to help pasta get coated.


  1. It sounds delicious – Dad has voted it the next dish I make (with tofutti sour cream). Glad I was around to talk you through the crisis!

  2. Lovely recipe!Looks so comforting.Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Oh that sounds so good, I would love that.

  4. Nate, and mom, to the rescue. I hate when that happens. Poor Katherine burned herself about three times making that ham. Anyway, I hope it heals soon and the pasta looks fantastic. I love lemon, as long as it’s not near my cuts.

    • Thanks, Greg :) Ugh, burns are the worst! I never know what to do when I burn myself and they seem to last forever. Poor katherine. Hopefully the ham was worth it.

  5. That looks seriously delicious. Lemon and pasta are a real match made in heaven!

  6. This sounds freaking delicious. Paired with some grilled chicken and that is one heck of a weeknight dinner! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Lemon makes a refreshing pasta. I’ve made pasta using lemon and courgettes or kale before so this recipe is a very welcomed ones! Thanks for sharing.. am off to find out what escarole is! have never heard of it before.

    • Hi Sylvia! Yes, i agree, lemon is very refreshing. Escarole is in the endive family but less bitter…you can eat it raw or cooked. It’s delicious :)

  8. Oh I love spaghetti al limone. This looks like it would be equally amazing,

  9. Puts new meaning to the term “blood, sweat and tears”! Lovely recipe and I hope you’re feeling better.

  10. Love the combination of ham with lemon, sounds so delicious, tart and salty! Hope you’re feeling better and having a much better weekend!!

  11. Glad you are feeling better! this looks like a nice meal, I’ve never had ham and lemon together but sure sounds good. Visiting from citrus bloghop! :)

  12. Wow your day got off to a bad start but it ended with a fantastic finish, pasta dish sounds delicious. Take care, BAM

  13. ohhhh… i know what zesting your skin feels like.. darn… i always place the zester in a safe location, but some days hubbs moves it and i accidentally hit th plane while fetching something from the deep drawer.. luckily it is usually light scrapes.. bloody but not deep.
    hope you feel better. the lemony sauce sounds amazing!

    • Hey Richa! This wasn’t a microplane…it was a zester, like with the three circular blades at the top that pull long strands of zest out. But i imagine scraping your hand on a microplane would hurt too! I’m feeling much better, thanks :)

  14. Amy!! Your creamy lemon pasta looks delightful! Ham and cheese would make this a total winner at my house. :)

  15. I hope you weren’t unlucky enough to get any of that lemon juice into your freshly zested wound. Big Fat Ouch! I’m glad you survived to share this recipe – love the idea of sour cream and lemon with pasta!

  16. Oh my, I’m going to make your lemon pasta recipe for my son. He loves this! Thanks for sharing. Glad to do citrus-love with you!

  17. I love lemon pasta. Sorry about your wound – my zester works brilliantly without hardly any pressure!

    • I think I should have used my microplane instead of the zester but I had just bought it! Maybe I shouldn’t have been pressing so hard…

  18. this is so creamy and delicious! yummy~ :) and i know what u mean about microplanes and zesters and graters! i always cut myself using one of them (except the handheld microplanes which work great!). sending some #citruslove to you!

    • Thanks! Yes, I think microplanes are the best. Even when you hurt yourself on them it’s just a light scrape :) Yay #citruslove!! Thanks so much for organzing again, Junia!

  19. Sorry to hear you had veritgo…I know that is not fun!

    Great recipe and love the citrusness.

  20. I’m a lemon person through and through, so I would love this pasta. It looks so creamy and delicious! Sorry to hear about your rough morning…and night with the zester! Hope you’re feeling better on all accounts. :)

    • I’m such a lemon person too. I know I shouldn’t dare say this or I’ll prob lose some blog readers…but I prefer lemon desserts to chocolate ones! I’m feeling much better, thanks :)

  21. This food safety specialist, first was hoping you were definitely okay, and second thinking is there blood in the pasta….just teasing of course! I am glad you are okay. Nate pretty much rocks, cause your dish looks simply fabulous! Hugs, Terra

  22. Ooh, what a great idea for your citrus love contribution! I find lemon in a creamy pasta pretty close to divinity ;) – and what a great idea to mix in the endive… I bet this tastes incredible!

  23. I love lemon in pasta…and this dish, using sour cream and lemon looks and sounds terrific! It’s sort of like the spawn of a carbonara and alfredo, with lemon. Love the addition of escarole! Great co-hosting with you for #citruslove!

  24. wow the whole combination sounds delicious and it looks fantastic!

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  26. Pasta is a favorite weeknight dish around here.

  27. I adore lemony pasta! And this reminds me that I need to get this cut of pasta more often because I like it so much. I had to google it, actually, and I think I recognized it as cavatappi. Regardless, this looks seriously delicious.

    • This type of pasta is hard to find but it’s one of my faves! It’s LONG curly noodles…like each one is as long as a regular spaghetti strand ( I think it’s called Fusilli lunghi/bucati). so fun!

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