I don’t think she’s going to forgive me for this…


  1. AMAZING!! hahaha. Happy Halloween. xx

  2. How scratched-up are you?

  3. Is your one eye close because you just had a paw in it? Ha, she’s probably still mad.

  4. haha! Amy this made my night. I’m giggling as I type! The look in your cat’s eyes..so priceless! Looks like you were having fun!!

  5. I’ve seen dogs in costume…but never a cat!! Too cute!

  6. Ok, 3 things. First, I was thinking of you yesterday afternoon as I was butchering our pumpkin – let me just say my carving skills are not as refined as yours. Where’s Amy when I need her?! Second, your cat dressed up. OMG. How adorable is she? We had the *exact* same experience with our dog last night trying to get a witch hat on the poor thing (but, you know, I think cats are even more obstinate about these things). Last, that second shot is a gorgeous photo of you my dear. On the fiancé’s dresser it goes. Beautiful.

    • Hehe, awww, wish I coulda been there to give you a hand with the pumpkin carving! Maybe next year I’ll plan a trip to Canada around that time…I’ve been meaning to go :)

      My cat happens to be adorable no matter what she does, hehe. But then I suppose I’m a biased cat-mom. I wanna see a pic of your witch dog!!

      That’s sweet of you about the pic! I think I look like a hot mess.

    • Indeed, she is gorgeous in that shot and pretty much every picture I take.

  7. How cute!!!!
    Love your pics Amy..

  8. I knew someone who had a cat and every time you place a sweater on the cat it would literally freeze as if frozen solid (out of shock I guess). So funny.

    The pirate picture is hilarious.

  9. Cats definitely have a mind of their own…that is what makes them special.

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