Nate, his mom, and I are up in Cape Cod this weekend for the marathon. He’s taking a break from his usual full marathons and only running the half. Yeah, this is like a piece of cake to him. Meanwhile, I doubt I could even run 1 mile right now.

I totally forgot about posting this for the Daring Bakers today so I’m getting this post up quick.

In case you were wondering, Povitica (pronounced po-va-teet-sa), is traditional Eastern European dessert bread that is usually served during the holiday season. It is also known as Nutroll, Potica, Kalachi, Strudia, just to name a few.  I’m not sure if it’s related to Babka, but it seems very similar to that as well. Each loaf is filled with a sweet filling and rolled, and weighs an amazing 2.5 pounds!

The traditional filling for this bread is an English walnut filling, but other typical fillings also include apple/cinnamon, apricot preserves, and a sweet cheese (like cream cheese). I chose to make one traditional and one with a chocolate twist on the traditional.

The recipe called for ground walnuts, but I used chopped, and it really messed up the traditionally-filled one. Rather than having a sweet paste in the middle, the sugar got absorbed by the dough and I was left with just a nutty bread.

For the chocolate one, I replaced one cup of the nuts with a cup of dark chocolate chips and decreased the sugar amount by half. It was mighty tasty!

You’ll have to excuse me for not writing much, as we’re about to head out to get dinner! Anyway, I took off work today and tomorrow so I’m psyched for this long weekend :)

Blog-checking lines: The Daring Baker’s October 2011 challenge was Povitica, hosted by Jenni of The Gingered Whisk. Povitica is a traditional Eastern European Dessert Bread that is as lovely to look at as it is to eat!

The recipe was long and detailed, but if you’d like to make the recipe, visit here


  1. Well, it looks pretty good to me! Wish I could have a piece. Move to Florida, please. LOL

    • The chocolate loaf came out pretty well. You’ve sent me enough care packages in my lifetime, Mom….maybe it’s time I sent you one :)

  2. Ha, I excuse the not writing bit, you know me and your pictures. Good luck to Nate in the short, ha, run! This looks wonderful.

  3. I’ve honestly never heard of this before in my life, but it sounds absolutely delicious!

    • I had never heard of it either! And honestly, of all the Daring Bakers challenges, this one wasn’t bad at all! There’s very little rising time and it was simple to make. You should give it a try :)

  4. Great job! Your povitica looks really good – I like how in the chocolate one there seems to be a lighter swirl on top – its very pretty! And I don’t think the chopped vs ground walnuts really made that much of a difference, I think yours still turned out really well!

    • Thanks Jenni :) I’m glad you say that. I actually hate how the top has no swirl. I think it’s just because I left too much border of dough around the filling so the end had none. Oh well…now i know for next time!

  5. I did a double take when I saw the first picture. I swear I see a face. I thought “Wow, that IS a daring baker’s challenge!”

  6. I just got caught up on all your posts after being away on vacation. First, congratulations on your engagement. Second, the bread sounds delicious.

    • Hey Karen! Thank you!!! Wow, I’m honored that you went back and read all my posts! :) I’ve been “following” you on your travels and I’m sooooo jealous. The pictures you’ve been posting have been absolutely amazing.

  7. Wow, Amy, your Povitica is gorgeous! Babka is exactly what I was thinking. Very similarly delicious looking :) Two and a half pounds?!! That’s madness! (a good kind of madness). I had no idea Nate was a marathoner – I wish him the very best! Enjoy the long weekend…

    • Thanks Kelly! Yep, Nate has run 6 full marathon and this will be his third half. He just qualified for the Boston Marathon so he’ll be running that in April!

  8. Gorgeous!!!!
    This looks absolutely fabulous…..
    Great job Amy.
    Also goodluck to Nate, I want to run marathon too…

  9. I first glanced and I thought it was filled with olives..and I shivered. (not an olive person…ha!) but! GREAT news..I am a TOTAL chocolate person. ahem. and this looks amazing. 2.5 freakin pounds!!! wow! anyways..good job again Amy!! Good luck to the fiance :)

    • Hehe :) Lots of chocolate!!! I like olives, but I definitely like chocolate more. Thanks…Nate just finished the race and he got a personal best :)

  10. so beautiful and amaizing job!! I love your povitica !

  11. This looks absolutely delicious!! I like that you made a traditional one and one with chocolate. I of course would prefer the one with chocolate! :)

  12. this reminds me of monkey bread! kudos to you! this looks fabulous and soo good! i bet there were no leftovers!

    • Thanks Junia! This bread is suprisingly rich…we had to put the leftovers in the freezer since we didn’t manage to finish it before we went away for the weekend :)

  13. The plain top roll looks *totally* intentional, I think you should be proud of it! I think the more practise you get at rolling these, the more you’d be able to control the pattern – I definitely plan on getting more practise in :)

    • Hehe, thanks. I guess I can pretend that i meant to do it ;) The whole thing wasn’t very complicated or time-consuming…so I’m definitely willing to try it again!

  14. I’m a chocoholic- so anything with chocolate in it sounds great to me ;) But I have to say, this looks like the prettiest and delicious looking bread I’ve seen! I love the swirly pattern!

    • Aw, thanks Von! If you like chocolate then this is for you! It’s so rich I could barely finish one slice. Well, I actually did finish the slice but made myself nauseous by doing so…

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