I’ve had this recipe sitting in my blog drafts for a while now. But now that it’s September, and corn season is almost over, I figured I’d better get my butt in gear!

This, my friends, is one of the tastiest ways I’ve ever enjoyed corn. Now, I will say that I love a good ear of corn in the summer, and when it’s really good I like it simply steamed or grilled with a tad of butter and some salt. I almost hate to cut it off the cob and mix it with stuff, because then you can’t taste the delicious, sweet corn flavor.

Therefore my advice to you is to only make this when you happen to cook up some corn, nibble on it a bit, and find that it’s sub-par. This will prevent any bouts of “corn guilt.” So if you happen to have corn that’s starchy and bland, then this recipe will turn your corn disappointments around. Or, if you happen to live in a corn field and have ample corn at your disposal, then this will suit you as well.

Either way, you should definitely find a way to make this before September ends. It’s creamy, tangy, rich, fresh, and delicious and you will not be sorry…even if you happen to use the last of your good corn.

Roasted Corn with Lime, Parmesan and Chili
From food52(You can print this recipe from the food52 site :))

Serves 2


3 medium ears corn
1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 tablespoon mayonnaise, at room temperature
1 tablespoon sour cream, at room temperature
¼ cup milk, at room temperature
Juice of 1 large lime, plus wedges for serving
3 tablespoons grated Parmesan
Generous pinch of cayenne

Heat the oven to 400 degrees.

Shuck the corn and cut the kernels from the cobs, tossing them in a bowl with the olive oil and plenty of salt and pepper.

Spread the kernels evenly on a large rimmed baking sheet and roast for 15 to 20 minutes, scraping and turning over the kernels once or twice, until they’re tender and lightly caramelized.

Put the corn back into the bowl and stir in the mayonnaise, sour cream, milk, lime juice, Parmesan and cayenne. Taste and adjust any of the flavorings, including salt and pepper, if necessary. (If the corn is at all sticky, just add some more milk.)

Serve immediately, with lime wedges, while still warm.


  1. I’m slightly sad that summer is almost done. I think I’m having a hard time saying goodbye!! But this dish looks cheery…and I bet I could roast the corn in my toaster oven :)

    • Hmmm, you could try the toaster oven but you might have to do it in a few batches…or halve the recipe maybe. I bet this would be fine without roasting the corn too, though :)

  2. Since I happen to be about as good at picking fresh corn as I am picking a good watermelon (i.e. not good) this recipe is perfect for me. That and the fact that lime, Parmesan and chili flavors make my mouth happy.

    • Hehe. Well you’ll be happy to know that I don’t think there’s really a science to picking good corn. I think it’s kinda like the lottery :) I hope you try this!

  3. Yeah for summer!! I just love the addition of lime to your roasted corn. The cayenne is also a delectable choice. Very yummy Amy.

    • I do enjoy summer, but I can’t wait for fall :) The lime adds a delicious tanginess to this corn that perfectly balances the richness of the mayo/sour cream.

  4. That looks so creamy and I’m fessing up again I just stopped reading after the second picture. I try, I really do. I was just so busy drooling. You could’ve written, this was a total fail and I wouldn’t know. OK, going back up, I can do this!

  5. Oh YUM! The color of the corn is so vibrant, and it’s so creamy. I’m sure this was delicious. Did you see my note, btw? My brother has been to your brother’s restaurant in ATL! He said the alcohol milkshakes are delicious. He asked me what your brother’s name is…I’m guessing maybe he’ll go and stop by again soon. I definitely will when I go visit him!

    • Thanks, Caroline! I did see that you replied and I wrote back. That’s so awesome he’s been there and knew about it! In case you see this before the other reply, my brother’s name is Alex. I told my brother, so he should def stop in and say hi :)

  6. OH.. This looks absolutely delicious!!!
    Lime and pepper adds just the needed sassy hint to this wonderful recipe ;-)
    Love it.

  7. oh my goodness. i just love corn. this looks FABULOUS amy!! so long summer~~~

  8. These is nothing worse than subpar corn…but at least now I’ve got a way to doctor it up! This looks great!

  9. Sounds great to me, though since I can’t stop grilling I think I might just grill the corn. :-)

  10. I love the addition of sour cream… definitely very “Russian.” I got corn at the market a few days ago and it was definitely looking a little rough (even though they said they picked it that morning). So sad that corn season is coming to an end! This recipe looks amazing!!

    • :) I’d like to say I came up with this on my own, but I didn’t, hehe. I actually added greek yogurt when I made it since I didn’t happen to have any sour cream on hand. Def give this recipe a try and lemme know what you think!
      P.S. I just subscribed to your blog :)

  11. What a wonderful way to prepare corn. Especially as it gets to the end of the season and the corn is a little larger and starchier. Just delicious sounding.

  12. this is also called ‘elote en vaso’ and is very popular mexican food cart fare. it is highly addictive.

  13. Hahaha..I do almost live in a corn field! Ha…not really, but they are everywhere around here! I think I need to pick up some to try this recipe out before it’s too late! :)

  14. I made this tonight as a side dish served with shrimp fajitas. It was delicious. During dinner, I kept saying to my boyfriend, “this tastes amazing if I do say so myself” and he agreed! Thanks for an awesome recipe.

  15. It looked so tasty that I tried this with a 1.5 cups of thawed frozen corn last night, didn’t quite work… so definitely take the time to cut some fresh off the cob!

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