Hey! All loyal readers of Elephant Eats, Amy asked me (Nate!) to fill in for her on a post or two while she is out of town and recovering from our just completed move, but don’t worry she’ll be back in no time with more of her amazing recipes.  My life is less hectic right now than hers, so I have a bit more space and time to help her out here. Sadly, I cannot cook at all and obviously I have no need to with such an incredibly talented girlfriend.  The only advice I have food-wise is to always shop at Trader Joe’s.  When I was single, this is basically where all of my meals came from.

Turning away from food, though, I bet you are wondering what kind of person Amy is behind the scenes. So, I will provide you a taste of what life is like behind the blog.  Amy is one of those people that if she gets something into her head she will immediately try to figure out a way to make it happen.  As you can probably tell from all the various recipes on this blog. She is also extremely goofy and yet deadly serious.  I think this is best represented by this photo…

Amy Being Amy

I also would like it noted that photo was taken per her request, I did not put her up to posing for it, like I have with other various shots throughout our relationship.  It should also be noted that Amy is a very intelligent person, which I’m sure you all know anyway, possessing a multitude in degrees in a wide range of fields.  When I first met Amy I was definitely intimidated by the breadth of her knowledge, seeing as I was coming at her with my BFA in Film & Television.  She spent her undergrad years designing buildings and rebuilding families in grad school, while I sat through countless student films about smoking cigarettes and contemplating suicide with varying degrees of pretension.  However, she is not the kind of person who holds it over you.  She always wants to help and help you understand.

Yes, my head is that much bigger than hers.

If there is one flaw, though, to Amy I would say it is her tendency to take on too much at once.  I have a running joke that she is, in fact, Icarus, constantly flying too close to the sun. She does not give up though, ever.

So now you have a little background knowledge on what the cook behind these wonderful recipes is like. I’ll close this by giving a little hint about what the best meal she’s made was and oddly enough it was the first one she ever made for me.  I’m not sure if this was because of how phenomenal the food was or how amazed I was at having a girlfriend that could cook (and how!), but this fish dish was definitely my fave.  I’m sure one day she’ll make it again and then you guys can all get the recipe here, even LC loved it!

LC enjoying the remains of our first meal

I’ll close this post with a bit of shameless promoting to my own blog: 30 Years of Music.  Since I will be turning 30 in August I decided it was time to look back on the 365 songs that have impacted my life the most and my blog does just that. I hope you enjoyed my quick fill in here and don’t worry Amy will be back soon!


  1. This is probably the most interesting article I read today in any food blog:)

  2. Thanks Nate!

  3. Thanks for filling in!

  4. Good job, Nate! Amy is, indeed, a young woman filled with all of the wonderful and quirky qualities mentioned in your post – and that’s why we love her. Thanks for helping her with the blog.

  5. awwww amy :). i loved reading about u!!!

  6. Thanks for filling in for me! Hopefully I’ll finish unpacking the kitchen before I go away this weekend so I can make some tasty treats when I return :)

  7. Amy,
    If you miss summers on MV, you can always live vicariously through our new blog: http://www.hungrynative.com

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