Custom Pet Portraits:

I thought I could never fully capture the personality of a pet in paint until I attempted to paint a pet portrait for a christmas present. I loved the end result (see Haley below).

Now I love the idea of capturing your furry friend’s goofy face and making it a permanent acrylic image.

I’m available to create a unique painting for you based on a photo of your pet that you think best captures his/her personality. I do both dogs and cats, and any other animal you have in mind! I just need a good photo to work from.

For more information, please contact me at .



Custom Cat Portrait "Beata" ~ by

12″ square canvas with 1″ deep sides

Custom Cat Portrait "Beata" ~ by


Custom Cat Painting

20″ x 20″ canvas

Custom Cat Painting

1″ deep sides in coordinating color



Mini Dachsund Pet Portrait ~

12 x 12 inch canvas


Mini Dachsund Pet Portrait ~


Golden Retriever Pet Portrait ~

Four 6×6 inch canvases

Golden Retriever Pet Portrait ~



Four 6″ x 6″ canvases




12″ square canvas 


Custom Miniature Schnauzer Acrylic Pet Portrait ~

6″ square canvas with 1″ deep sides


  1. Perfect Amy! Looking at these two portraits you created, I’m struck by how you not only capture the image of the dogs but also their spirit… you’re so talented; just beautiful.

  2. Love. Really and truly: love.

  3. These are beautiful! I’ve been contemplating getting a painting like this done of my cat for quite a while now. But if I get one done, I’m going to want to get a whole room full of them…. crazy cat lady on the prowl!

  4. Hi Amy, I’m just looking at your latest masterpiece and I think you did a great job with Scottie. When you capture the spirit of an animal there’s no need for picky detail — your interpretation is beautiful. Scottie manages to look strong, vigilant and kind all at the same time. Love his eyes.

  5. These are incredible! It looks like you’ve really captured part of each pet’s personalities in these… you’re such an artist!

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