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The Ultimate Clueless Lady’s Baby Registry Guide!

Birth Announcement: House Update #5 + a bonus I’ve been “cooking up” ;)

Gender Reveal: Life post-move…

The Nursery 

Pregnancy 23 wks: 23 weeks (and a recipe)

Pregnancy 24/25/26 weeks: Update Weeks 24, 25, 26

Pregnancy Update and Belly Pic- Weeks 27-30

Pregnancy Update and Belly Pic- Weeks 31-33

Pregnancy Update and Belly Pic- Weeks 34-36


Berkeley Arlen’s Birth Story

Life with a newborn, and a special video!

A baby update (4 months)

Berkeley ~ 4 months

Berkeley ~ 5 months

Berkeley ~ 6 months 

Berkeley ~ 7 months (and our sleep training experience)

Berkeley ~ 8 months

Berkeley ~ 9 months


Our First House!

“Before” pictures- First Floor

“Before” pictures- Second Floor

House Update #1!

Peppermint White Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake Bars (I swear there’s an update in there but no pics)

House Update #2!

A new kitty portrait and a new roof!

House Update #3!

(oops I somehow skipped 4)

House Update #5!

Life post-move…

The Nursery 

{{Post-Reno pics coming when my newborn learns to nap!}}



My Engagement Story!

Professional Engagement Pics

My Florida Bridal Shower

Wedding Dress Drama

The Wedding was a Success!

Flower Girl Sign

Nate’s AMAZING wedding video!!! (a.k.a. the story of how we met)

Wedding Photos!

DIY Picket Fence Wedding Signage

Our Wedding featured on GREEN WEDDING SHOES!!!



Baby Blankie

DIY Dinosaur Planter

DIY Etched Champage Glasses

DIY Hanging Jewelry Holder

Marbled Valentine’s Day Cookies

Where the Wild Things Are pumpkin carving!

Button Bird “embroidery”

DIY Flower Girl Sign

DIY Picket Fence Wedding Signage

DIY Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs



Marbled Valentine’s Day Cookies

Cats don’t like dressing up in costumes.

Where the Wild Things Are pumpkin carving!

Christmas Decor

Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs



see Pet Portraits tab above


  1. :) I like all your stories…what about your Jewelry holder?! I remember absolutely loving it!

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