Time for House Update #2! If you missed the other house posts, you can check out the first floor and second floor tours, and Update #1.

So the asbestos has been removed from the basement and the framing for the whole house is almost done. The roof on the back of the house was supposed to have been removed by now to make room for the large 3 window dormer for our finished 3rd floor.

I stopped by the house on Wednesday to take a look around, and i’m so excited to show you some progress pics!




Living Room:





Notice that the door that was leading to the dining room is now closed off.

View from fireplace towards front door:



You see those pieces of wood on the floor? That’s framing out where the front hall closet will be, and Nate’s built-in desk/bookcase backing it, in the living room. The frame behind the front door is for the powder room.

Looking towards living room windows from what will now be the hallway:



view from living room windows towards the new hallway to the kitchen/dining rooms:





um yeah, there’s no exterior wall on the left there…just a tarp…




Ok, let’s go upstairs. Sorry I should have taken more pics up there.

Master Bedroom:




view from new Master bedroom “through” the new walk-in closet to the master bathroom:


While I was in town on Wednesday I also stopped by the tile store because I had an appointment with the woman who’s been helping me, to try to finalize the rest of the tiles. I got there and was told she hadn’t come in that day. When I expressed exasperation, explaining that I had come all the way from NY because I had made an appointment with her, they told me that she had actually quit that morning without notice. Can you believe that?

I felt really bad for the store. You see, it’s a carpet and tile store and she was the ONLY person in the tile dept. All she left were some cryptic notes that the other person in the store didn’t understand and the person working there said they couldn’t help me.  I basically scrambled around the store on my own for an hour trying to figure out which tiles were by which manufacturer. I think I managed to figure most of it out but who knows if this store can even order the tiles for me now. UGH. Needless to say I was stressed.

I tried emailing the woman who had helped me, even though she quit, to ask her if she could tell me the manufacturers and she emailed back saying it sounded like I was “fishing” around for the best price and she wouldn’t help me. ?!?!?! I wrote back saying that I actually was planning to use that store but that the guy there couldn’t help me because her notes didn’t have any info and that I was happy for her to just give the store the needed information, and that she didn’t have to give it to me directly. Seriously though, what nerve! 

Since I basically figured it all out on my own, I may just take the info to a different store now, although I do feel bad for the store I was using :(

Anyway, this is starting to remind me of my wedding, where every person I worked with had something bad happen to them. I’m not sure if I told you guys this during the wedding planning, but first the calligrapher I was working with got cancer and had to quit…and then the woman who was making my jewelry’s husband got in a plane crash (he was ok, don’t worry). I feel like I should warn people before they sign on to work with me on anything!

I also stopped by the kitchen store to approve a sample they got of the stain color I’m going to use for the island. I think I like it although I wish the finish was a bit more matte. The woman said she’d speak to the cabinet company and see if they could do that, so hopefully they’ll be able to.

Finally, I stopped by the lumber place to pick out my doors and stair rails/ballusters. I haven’t finalized my choices, but I’m heading in the right direction. Basically I’m going to try to copy what is existing, to preserve the integrity of the house, and to match stuff so we can reuse it if possible.

It was a whirlwind kind of day! So anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll try to remember to take the exact same views for next time.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!! Have a great weekend :)



  1. OMG i am a TOTAL stalker with you, and i know it clearly when i look at your home project updates. I LOVE SEEING INSIDE HOMES OF PEOPLE I KNOW! (nobody be terrified, it’s only when i’m invited to look.)
    I’m really anxious to see how this turns out. i’m not going to lie: i’m in mourning a little bit over the death of that kitchen wallpaper, i’m not even kidding. someday i’m hoping to con Tim into finding the pitch-perfect house for us but OOPS: it’ll just happen to have a gorgeous kitchen except the wallpaper will magically be from the early 60’s. And i will say something about how i’m sure i’ll change it out once we move in, but I NEVER WILL. :)
    and that light fixture in the kitchen above the table? I seriously hope you saved that. if for no other reason, to send to me. I want it. I’m actually looking at one at CB2 that’s almost exactly like it, but obviously made NOT 50 years ago. yours is arguably way cooler.
    i. could. go. on. forever. I suppose if i had another career path, it would be as a home remodeler like that one chick on HGTV in Michigan. I still may do it someday.

    • FINALLY getting around to replying to this. I’m so glad I’m not the only stalker.
      You and Emma loved that wallpaper! haha. I WISH you had told me to save you that light fixture because I totally would have! Now it’s unfortunately in the trash. I believe one of the bedroom fixtures is still hanging up though if you want that, haha. I would love to be a home remodeler!!! I was just thinking that I know so much more about this stuff now that I’m going through it and I really should do it. Unfortunately you need a lot of capital for that. Maybe one day we can go into business together ;)

  2. so i’m also mourning the loss of that weird brick-like vinyl flooring and wood panelling room. Tim’s in trouble if i ever happen upon a house with THAT inside it, and you do see those from time to time up here.

    • I actually love wood paneling too! The problem is that in small rooms it definitely makes it dark. I think painted paneling looks really nice too. I hope you can move soon!!

  3. Wow! The house is really coming along. I’m so sorry about the tile debacle. Hopefully you can get things sorted out!

  4. This is truly a total makeover! I didn’t expect to see the whole place gutted!! Wow, you guys are building your own dream home! This is so exciting! We get to casually watch the progress, while you two tackle all the headaches!!

    • Yep, it’s a complete gut job, Linda! I didn’t expect to see the whole place gutted either :) I’m super excited. The only thing that keeps this from being our dream home is that if I had had more time, I would have applied for a variance to put a larger addition on the back, but we’re a bit strapped for time since we’re renting an apartment in nyc while the renovations are happening…this house could have benefited from a bit more room, but oh well :( Haha, glad you’re enjoying my journey!

  5. Oh, wow! Lots of big changes! I love seeing your work in progress. How exasperating with that lady at the tile store. I’m so glad you figured most of it out…I would have been so stressed, too!!

    • Glad you’re enjoying seeing the progress, Liz :) Yeah, the tile lady thing was so frustrating but I think I’ve mainly got it worked out so far…

  6. I was just thinking the same thing, that your interactions reminded me of what you had to go through during your wedding preps. It takes an enormous amount of energy to work through these major life projects — my husband and I did something very similar with our first home in Toronto converting it from a triplex to a duplex and it was just about the end of me (we had both just started new jobs, had an aging cat who was peeing everywhere :( and I was pregnant and sick as a dog!!) anyhow, in the end we got the home we wanted :) and the memories of all of our painstaking choices and craftsmanship (well, my husband’s craftsmanship ;-) ) continue to live on in our hearts. We found it worthwhile despite the load and also satisfying and occasionally quite fun — your progress is a testament to that! Things are really cooking along and looking great — xo.

    • Haha, yeah…I feel like I attract bad luck with these projects I undertake! Hopefully it will all work out. Wow, that’s cool you did so much work on your house. I wish I could have seen the changes :) Gosh, that sounds so stressful! I’m glad you got everything you wanted though, and got to live in it so long.

  7. This looks amazing!! Makes me wanna get a house and start renovating!

  8. How exciting! Congrats on all the progress :)

  9. Wow!! Looks like everything is going well!! I can’t wait to see the after photos!! It’s going to be so nice :)

  10. That is a lot of progress! How exciting! It’s a bit eerie reading about the mishaps of the people you’ve worked with but gotta be positive. Everything will go smoothly from here on out…I can feel it! : ) Enjoy the rest of the holiday season and good luck with all the home projects.

    • I’m so excited, Monica! I’ll try to get another update for you guys again soon. The framing is done so you can really get a sense for where the rooms are. It’s so cool! Thank you for sending your positive vibes :) I hope that the worst of it is over…now it’s just decision-making for months, hehe. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  11. So exciting! It’s awesome to see the progress pics. I cannot even imagine how freaky it must be to try to pull all of this together, especially when something happens like that with the tile lady. Yeesh!

    Can’t wait to see the finished house! I bet it will be gorgeous!

    • Hehe, yeah, it’s a bit stressful…I think the tile thing is mainly worked out (fingers crossed)- I’m using a diff store now. Can’t wait for the house to be finished :) Thanks, Willow!

  12. Yay! Progress! I know that this must have felt so daunting at times. Its so cool to see it all begin to take shape! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

    • It is DEF daunting..which is partly why I’ve been so absent from the blogging world lately. There are just so many decisions to be made!!! Thanks, Monet :)

  13. This is so exciting Amy! Progress is great! I can’t wait to see it when it’s completely done. So excited for you guys. Have a great week my friend! :)

  14. This is definitely progress!!! Lookin good so far, for sure!! And UGH about the woman in the tile store. I would say it’s kind of the owner/manager’s fault for not making sure his/her employee’s keep good, clear records. In science, if you don’t keep a clear record of what you did, you can be accused of fraud and fabricating data. So I’m kind of biased!

    • Thanks, Joanne! It’s totally the manager’s fault. In addition to not having clear records, that tile lady was definitely overworked as she was the only one working in the tile department. I think it’s important to at least have a backup. Haha, luckily this isn’t a science experiment, but it’s messing with my emotions ;) Hopefully we wo’t have too many more snafus before the house is done… (fingers crossed!)

  15. Wow, how good will it be to look back on those photos when it’s all complete?

  16. I’m with Shannon, RIP beautiful wallpaper:(

    Look at all these changes! You are classin’ up the joint, that’s for sure. Now, is there any sort of home accessory or paint stain that goes well with cold, hard, dry food? :P

    • hahah. I’m not sad to see it go ;) Well, I could ask Nate what home accessory goes well with cold, hard, dry food…we already disagree on everything house-related it seems so I’m sure he has an answer.

  17. ugh, so annoying that happened with the lady at the store! hope you manage to get everything sorted soon! your house is coming along beautifully though; i’m so jealous of all that beautiful natural light!
    the hobbit kitchen x

  18. Wow. That is crazy. I can’t believe the woman was so rude to you, but then again, she doesn’t have to worry about providing great customer service to keep her job since she quit. Ugh. I would be so frustrated. It looks like you guys are making tons of progress otherwise though!

    • I know, right?! Yeah, but the weird part is she copied her “ex” boss on that email. Oh well….i’ve moved on from her to a different tile store. It’s wasted a bit of my time, but not much I can do. hopefully there won’t be too many more hiccups in the project now…

  19. The progress photos are lookin’ fantastic! I am very excited to see the final results especially the kitchen, which is my favorite room of the place! I feel like watching a house renovation television show on your blog! Happy Holidays to you guys!

    • Thanks so much, Rika!! Hehe, the kitchen is bound to be my fave room as well :) I only wish that this moved along as quickly as those house reno shows ;) Happy Holidays!!

  20. So exciting, Amy!! ALL THAT NATURAL LIGHT. It’ll be worth every single mishap and misfortune along the way :)

  21. Oh my, oh my! This is all sorts of exciting!! Our wee house simply couldn’t handle a renovation (there’s not much that could be done/changed), so I’m living vicariously through you. It’s less stressful and really fun! I’m loving the progress pictures – so often I see before and after, and my brain simply cannot figure out/imagine the in between. It makes my head hurt. So, to sum: thanks for doing all the work for me and helping me better understand the “between” stage.

    • :) I’m happy for you to live vicariously through me (haha, yes much less stressful than the real thing!)…I did that for far too long while I was in my ny apt. I’m so excited for this house, you have no idea. I’m so glad my pictures are helpful in trying to show you the in-betweens. I’ll try to take some more but I don’t get out there that often. Thanks, Movita!

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