Butternut Squash Pesto Grilled Cheese ~ ElephantEats.com

Guys, I’m so far behind! I have so many things I still need to share with you but just haven’t either made the recipes or assembled the posts- the recipes from my cooking class in Italy, and also the finished coffee table ottoman I made!

But in the meantime, you’ll have to settle for this grilled cheese, which is pretty darn delicious. I mentioned this very early on in my blog, but Nate is a creature of habit. He literally eats the same breakfast and lunch EVERY day of the week. So occassionally, on the weekend, he’ll request grilled cheese instead of his daily turkey sandwich. 

Butternut Squash Pesto Grilled Cheese ~ ElephantEats.com

I usually just use up whatever is in the fridge on these days, sometimes coming up with really good combos. That’s how this sandwich came about. I do often add pesto to his grilled cheese, but on this particular occassion there was some leftover roasted butternut squash.

The combo of the squash, the pesto and the melty cheese was just too good not to share. I think you could also use some thanksgiving leftovers for a very tasty grilled cheese combo- maybe with some sweet potatoes? some cranberry sauce? Oh man, the combinations are endless!

Butternut Squash Pesto Grilled Cheese ~ ElephantEats.com

On other fronts, I’m scrambling to make decisions on my house because it’s going much faster than I thought. The demo is complete and framing will apparently be pretty much done by the end of next week. Because of this, my contractor informed me that I need to pick out my roof color by this Friday (!). And then I need to pick out all my bathroom fixtures and cabinetry by the end of next week so that the plumber will know where to put the plumbing. I didn’t realize that the cabinet itself made a difference, but they need to know how high any shelves inside it are, etc, that would obstruct the pipes so they can plan accordingly.

Needless to say, for a decision-making-a-phobe like me, I’m getting quite stressed out :( I really thought I’d have more than 2 wks to decide everything!

Butternut Squash Pesto Grilled Cheese ~ ElephantEats.com

Also, this weekend we went down to Nate’s moms and I had him videotape me preparing a dish so I could enter The Great American Cookbook Competition. It’s some contest Rachel Ray is having that my aunt told me about. I highly doubt I’ll win, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try :) Hopefully Nate can make me look better on the video through editing than I actually came across on tape, because I most certainly could never be an actress. 

I hope that you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Chanukkah to those that celebrate!!!

Butternut Squash Pesto Grilled Cheese ~ ElephantEats.com

Butternut Squash Pesto Grilled Cheese
This isn't really much of a recipe, but more of an idea
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  1. Bread slices
  2. Cheese slices
  3. Leftover roasted butternut squash, cut into slices
  4. Pesto
  5. Butter
  1. Spread the insides of the bread slices with pesto. Top with a couple slices of cheese and then then enough squash to cover. Using a knife, spread/flatten the squash as much as possible.
  2. Close sandwich and spread butter over the outsides of the bread. Cook in a pan or in a panini press (my favorite way to make grilled cheese) until cheese is melted.
  3. Enjoy!
  1. The possibilities of fillings inside grilled cheese are endless!


  1. Jeez, I started getting stressed out just reading that! It can take me forever sometimes to figure out that kind of stuff, so I can just imagine how you’re feeling. Hopefully it’ll all come together quickly!

    And that sandwich? I so want one right now (never mind that I just finished eating dinner).

    • haha, ok at least I know I’m not overreacting…I’m just horrible at making decisions. hahaha, once I see a grilled cheese I always get a craving :) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Faygie (and are having a wonderful Chanukkah)!

  2. I never would’ve thought to put butternut squash in a grilled cheese sandwich, Amy! I barely knew how to make one til recently. Honestly, I’ve so much to learn. I have to admit I can relate to Nate. I find myself craving the same foods all the time! And in the last couple of years, I’ve had less desire to eat out so to stretch myself (eating-wise), I need to find and adopt some new favorites! The good news is I’ve realized that things are a lot easier to make than I thought and you can totally mix and match ingredients in all kinds of ways. It’s kinda all making sense lately…

    And good luck with decision-making (I suppose it’s better than a delayed schedule) and with the contest. You are so cool to want to enter. i

  3. What a good idea to put the squash in a sandwich!

  4. I seriously love anything with grilled cheese. These look too yummy!

  5. HAppy Chanukah!!! You know I’m with Nate on the grilled cheese train…this looks amazing :)

    • Happy Chanukah to you too, Davida!!! Haha, I could def eat grilled cheese all the time…if only a delicious, calorie-free cheese existed ;)

  6. love this variation of grilled cheese, but again I like anything with bread and cheese combined :P

  7. How clever you are to create such a tasty sandwich with leftover squash, t sounds great. Good luck with your house, I know it will turn out wonderful. I can’t believe all the decisions involved with house construction…like lady, what height do you want the toilet paper holder mounted? :)

  8. How yummy this looks!! I never would have thought about squash on a grilled cheese… but you totally made it work!!
    I’ve heard from so many people how stressful decision making can be on a house…our friends just built this 5000 square ft house, and she was telling me how stressed she was when faced with all of the choices. You should see that kitchen. I think my whole house would fit in that one room alone. If I owned that, I’d sleep in that kitchen.I’d never leave it. Where’s Prudy? Oh, she’s in the kitchen. Where’s the kitchen? Haha…that house is huge!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Amy.. <3

    • When Nate and I were on our honeymoon, he got a grilled cheese from someplace that had squash on it, so that’s where I got that part of the idea :)
      Oh my gosh, 5000 square feet?! I’m very jealous…our house is so small, I’m wondering how all the furniture is going to fit. I can only imagine the size of that kitchen…it must be amazing! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Prudy!!

  9. Amazing! Butternut squash in a sandwich sounds so so genius!
    I do also add pesto to my sandwiches.. it just taste so damn good. Now, this one is a killer combo. Might go buy some squash for this sole purpose.

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  10. This grilled cheese is fabulous! Thanks for the post!

  11. consuelohoneyandfigs

    What an awesome combo, I would never have thought of that! Good luck with the contest, Amy! I hope you’ll win ;)
    And Happy Thanksgiving too!

  12. This looks so, so delicious Amy! I love anything with pesto, particularly if it’s cheesy grilled deliciousness. I’ve never thought to add pumpkin (we call squash pumpkin over here in Australia, we only call the little yellow bell things squash… not sure what you call them in America!) but it sounds amazing. Definitely on my to-make list! x

  13. Oh good luck on the competition girl! I think you’ll do great! This grilled cheese looks and sounds amazing! I would have never thought to add squash to my grilled cheese! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you, Monet! I never win anything so that would be pretty cool :) You definitely have to try squash on your grilled cheese…it’s so good! Plus, it’s good to add a little something healthy to such a decadent treat ;)

  14. I feel like we constantly have leftover butternut around and yet I’ve never thought to put it in grilled cheese?! Crazy.Good luck with the competition! I’m sure you were adorable!

  15. This sandwich sounds amazing. I love butternut squash in a casserole with lots of cheese, but never thought to put it in a grilled cheese sandwich. Good luck in the contest. And I know how agonizing it can be making home improvement decisions.

  16. What a novel and fun idea Amy! It never occurred to me to add squash to a grilled sandwich before but I just love the idea (plus, it looks ooey, gooey, yummy! :)). I hope you are having a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend. Thinking of you – xo.

  17. Love when bloggers get creative with grilled cheese sammies!

  18. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Your grilled cheese sambo looks good and why didn’t I think of sweet potato to add – yumm. Sounds like the house is coming along nicely even though there are many decisions to make. We are just in the first stages of designing ours. Its going to be a long process. Hope you have a good weekend

    • Thank you, Lizzie. Our Thanksgiving was really nice :) Oooh, you’re designing a house? How fun! I hope you’ll share updates on yours as well!!!

  19. 2.0 and I are pretty obsessed with butternut squash these days. These sammies look amazing! Also, I can’t wait to see you on tv. I’ve decided that it’s gunna happen.

    • Haha, I hope it happens, Movita! I was already on tv, in the audience of the Rachel Ray Show once…I think I put it in a blog post. They decided to keep panning to my face. I thought that was my 1 min of fame, but maybe I’m wrong ;)

  20. Oh my gosh, I am getting sympathy anxiety just thinking about all those house decisions. I never thought I’d say I was glad to be renting, but having to decide all of those things at once would seriously stress me out! Good luck with everything! At least you have some seriously delicious grilled cheese to comfort you. :)

    • Haha, thank you for being sympathetic :) Although I’m definitely happy to almost be done with this renting stuff. I suppose it’s a trade off!

  21. This sounds like a lovely combination Amy! I love grilled cheese sandwich and am always looking for fresh new ideas. This looks incredible! I hear ya when it comes to posting on your blog. Lately it has been chaotic for me as well. There’s so much going on in November that sometimes the blog has to take a backseat and life keeps going on. I’m sure you’ll be able to share your Italy trip, among other fabulous recipes with us soon. Take care!

    • Thanks, Anne! These flavors really do go well together. I really don’t know how some people are able to post practically every day! Glad I’m not the only one.

  22. I think pesto and pumpkin go together so well. What a terrific looking sandwich. I hope you’re able to find the time to get your posts done xx

  23. Hope you had a great weekend and good luck with the contest – you’re always a star in my eyes! How did you know I was craving grilled cheese? This looks perfect, just what I need!

    • Haha, aw, thanks, Pamela ;) I had a feeling, since I’m always craving grilled cheese? I’m going to have to make a big batch of tomato soup soon and make some grilled cheese again.

  24. When I get stressed, I eat cookies. I am horrible at making decisions when it comes to home decor. It’s just that there are so many dang things to choose from. It’s too hard. This grilled cheese looks pretty awesome. Pinned.

    • Haha, when I get stressed I eat anything! I know…too many choices!!! (I have the same prob on really good menus). Thanks for stopping by :)

  25. So since when are the contractors the ones who are ahead of schedule? I’ll tell you when – never! Sounds like you’ve snagged some winners for sure.

  26. oh my. when my daughter lived in Oxford, she told me about going to a pub and having a similar sandwich, although there may have not been pesto. I’m not a vegetarian like her, but the sandwich sounded so delicious to me. And now you’ve reminded me to make it when she’s visiting at Christmas! So thanks!

  27. I’m way behind on my blog reading and commenting! This looks so yummy! I love squash and I love cheese, so I will hopefully get to try this soon… if we ever get bread in the house again. :/

  28. TOTALLY making this sandwich; it’s like 7 degrees here today, so i may trudge out and get ingredients, just for this.
    as you can see, i’m ALSO super-behind, but only you could be behind on telling me about cooking classes in italy AND your diy coffee table ottoman, Amy. Your behind makes my behind look not nearly as stressful. and i mean “behind” like…erm…ugh. behind. :)

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