Light Lemony Tuna Pasta with Fennel, Capers, and Olives ~

I was recently sent some Ocean Naturals canned tuna to try. I rarely eat canned tuna because I just plain forget it exists, so I was so glad that this reminded me how great it is. 

Canned tuna contains high-quality protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. Tuna, especially canned tuna, is a convenient and versatile way for you to add fish to your family’s diet.

Light Lemony Tuna Pasta with Fennel, Capers, and Olives ~

But I’m sure you guys know all that, right? What I didn’t know was that tuna is often over-harvested and some species are more endangered than others. Ocean Naturals guarantees that all of their “responsibly-caught” tuna is harvested:

  • From target species populations that are healthy and abundant and are currently being harvested at a level that promotes the stocks’ longevity
  • Using catch-methods that limit ecosystem impacts
  • In regions where the fishery is managed by regulatory bodies that help sustain the long-term productivity of all impacted species

Light Lemony Tuna Pasta with Fennel, Capers, and Olives ~

Nate has made me really think about our impact on the ecosystem in general, so it made me really happy to know that some companies are doing their part to preserve it and limit their impact on it. 

Lately I’ve also become overly concerned with what I put in my body, and hate that everything seems to contain something that’s unhealthy either from the packaging or the food itself. For example, it scares me that those plastic water bottles I drink from daily could be leaching chemicals into the water. Well, Ocean Naturals  tuna doesn’t have anything added- it’s simply premium tuna with a dash of salt, packed in either olive oil or water. No fillers, additives, or preservatives. It’s nice to know that some foods don’t have anything artificial added!

Light Lemony Tuna Pasta with Fennel, Capers, and Olives ~

Anyway, since I got sent this tuna, I didn’t want to just make a boring old tuna salad. Nate has been training for the NY marathon (it’s this weekend!) so every Friday is pasta day to fuel his long weekend runs. I decided to make a pasta that incorporated the tuna. It’s kind of based on the flavors of a sandwich he loves at ‘WichCraft Sandwiches.

**I was given these products free of charge, but all opinions are my own. I would never post about a product I didn’t love and plan to use again.

Light Lemony Tuna Pasta with Fennel, Capers, and Olives ~


  1. Kelly @ Inspired Edibles

    Oh that’s too funny, I couldn’t figure out what that was in the first image — I thought you had some fish oil supplements for us ;-). What a great combination of ingredients in this lovely pasta Amy; a Mediterranean delight that would be perfect for lunch or dinner. Good luck to Nate with his training; my son’s x-country team similarly throws “pasta feeds” the night before a big meet — topping up those glycogen stores! (a rather delicious tradition).

    • I probably should have posted an image of just the product…oops! Thanks so much, Kelly. This pasta turned out better than I was expecting and leftovers were even more delicious!

  2. This is such an interesting recipe! I on the other hand live off canned tuna! Seriously, I eat it for lunch at least 3 times a week,

  3. Hi Amy – love seeing a post of yours pop up, particularly when it’s pasta! This looks great – if ever there’s a good way to eat canned tuna, it is in pasta, I think! You’re so right about all the concerns surrounding foods and what’s hidden in them…and the news changes all the time. I think the best advice is to eat a lot of everything but that does not bode well for someone like me who’s pretty keen on patterns (when I like something, I want it all the time on repeat). I’ll have to check out this tuna product. Good luck with Nate on the marathon! Time to load up on some yummy carbs! : )

    • Aw, thanks, Monica! :) Tuna fish is delicious but you can only eat it so often….although now I’m kind of craving it so it’s a good thing I still have a few cans left! Yeah, it’s true that the news changes all the time, so you’re probably right. I’m a pattern kinda eater too- I eat something til I get sick of it and move on :)

  4. I’ve never heard of this brand of tuna, so I appreciate the info. The pasta looks fantastic! I’m sure the olives and fennel were fantastic companions for the tuna.

    • I hadn’t heard of it before either, Megan! I think you can find it at Walmart….and hopefully at the grocery store too. I’m glad they educated me about tuna harvesting because I don’t even think about the brand that I grab at the market, usually. Who knows what I could be supporting! Thanks, Megan :)

  5. Yum, so many good flavors going on in this pasta dish! Good luck to Nate this weekend!

  6. consuelohoneyandfigs

    Canned tuna is my fave, it’s so convenient, healthy nad delish! This looks like a perfect salad to use it up. I love the lemony touch ;)

  7. Good luck to Nate in the marathon! I love canned tuna, but have never heard of this brand. Love that you paired it with capers and fennel. Yum!

  8. I have not yet come across a canned tuna that I like – it has that funky taste I cant deal with :(

    • It’s definitely possible that you just don’t like canned tuna! It definitely doesn’t taste like fresh tuna. I won’t hold it against you ;)

  9. yummy recipe! and good luck to nate on the marathon!!

  10. This looks so tasty and gourmet!! YUM :) Great combo of flavors!!

  11. This looks great! There are so many things in here that my kids love (pasta, tuna, olives) that I think I’m going to have to make this soon. Bonus points for it being a quick recipe.

  12. My dad is a big tuna eater so he would love this recipe. I will be sure to share it with him! Thanks for sharing Amy!

  13. Delicious and so comforting — I’m intrigued by the use of fennel here. A must try :)

  14. this looks gorgeous! i was thinking of making some kind of tuna pasta salad this week so this is absolutely perfect timing :) and i’m so glad you mentioned the importance of sustainable fish as well. great post!
    the hobbit kitchen x

  15. I’m loving the sound of this… tuna and fennel are 2 ingredients I rarely use, let alone in pasta. I’m intrigued.

  16. What a great look ing pasta. So full of flavour and a terrific mid-week meal. I think many people are becoming concerned about what we’re putting into our bodies xx

  17. Your pasta looks so flavorful and terrific! I always forget to use tuna for anything besides tuna salad…but I hope to try a variation of your pasta soon! And good luck to Nate!

    • I know, right? I feel like tuna salad is probably 99% of the recipes that use canned tuna so I knew I had to come up with something else. I contemplated a tuna noodle casserole which I happen to LOVE, but that would be a no-go for Nate, haha. I know you can relate to having a picky hubby ;)

  18. I always forget about tuna too…such a healthy and convenient option! I had to steer clear of it during pregnancy so we’re due for a good tuna dish! Thank you for sharing this one!

  19. What a gorgeous bowl of deliciousness, Amy! I would so love to have a big bowl of this. Tuna, lemon and capers, you can’t go wrong with these ingredients. YUM! :)

  20. What an interesting way to use some canned tuna.

  21. So, just yesterday I was saying that I really wanted some tuna pasta. Totally random and very extreme craving. How was I to know this post was sitting in my feedy, just waiting to be opened? YIPPIE!!!

  22. I probably worry a bit too much about all the “stuff” in what we eat also (especially since I reuse water bottles like it’s my job)…and it’s good to know that there are actually some guilt-free products out there! What a lovely pasta dish!

    You’ll have to let me know where you’ll be spectating on marathon day!!

    • Haha yeah. I’ll be more concerned when I’m pregnant…it makes me so nervous about what harm all the chemicals we eat can do to a developing baby. Thanks, Joanne!
      ooh, I’ll have to watch for you on Sunday! I’m going to be standing over on 1st ave in the 70s somewhere, but i’ll be there when Nate runs by and then I’m going over to meet him at the finish so I might miss you :( He’s in the first wave so he should be finishing pretty early… I might catch you when we head back to our apt though. I don’t know if you know but there’s a free iphone app “ING NYC Marathon” where you get texted the splits of any runners you’re following, so I just added you to “my runners” on my app! :)

  23. I’m with you about thinking about what I eat, especially since I’m eating for someone else right now, too. I don’t even chew gum anymore because of the fake sugars in it. This tuna sounds wonderful and you used it perfectly. It’s hard to believe you started with something in a can.

    • Gosh, i bet it’s so hard when you’re pregnant…you must have to analyze every food label! Sorry you can’t eat tuna right now :( Hopefully you can make it after the baby comes! hehe.

  24. What great dish! Good to know about that brand of tuna. I will be looking out for it!

  25. I rarely eat canned tuna either, but this sounds great!

  26. I like your combination of flavors. I hope Nate does well in the marathon. :)

  27. i love the flavors in this pasta salad! I forget tuna is out there also; whatever aisle that’s in at my grocery store, i think i don’t go down it much, so it never crosses my line of vision. I like it: we used to eat tuna and tuna salad all the time as kids, and it’s still one of our favorite quick summer/vacation foods to. this is like, FANCY tuna, though! much better than run of the mill tuna salad, for sure. I like that there’s so many things in here you could leave the pasta out, also. like, say, if you’re me and are trying to low-carb it for a few weeks *whistles and looks around* ;)

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    Have a wonderful week dear

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  30. I had an urge for tuna casserole, the one my mother made with the ubiquitous cream of chicken soup. I have a reputation for “Frenching” everything up. This recipe doesn’t require any “addictions”. WBT

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