Fresh Corn Polenta with Eggplant Sauce ~

Before I get to the recipe, I just wanted to share some news. As of today, we are officially homeowners! I know I mentioned the house in a past post, but our closing was today. Also, this weekend we did the walk-through and Nate FINALLY saw the house for the first time. Ridiculous, I know. He says he just really doesn’t care what our house looks like. I’d like to think it’s that, plus that fact that he trusts my judgement.

 First Time Homeowners!

Anyway, I’m happy to report that he really liked the house, especially the front porch. We’re going to be doing major renovations and I’ll try to share some pics along the way. I don’t want to show you guys the “before” pics til we have “after” pics because it really doesn’t look like much. Also, the layout is going to completely change.

Also, I don’t share many pictures of my adorable kitty L.C. on the blog (there was her hatred of halloween costumes, and her attempt to photobomb my food pic, and her wearing her christmas best), mainly because I feel like once I get started it would be hard not to share a ton- she is by far the most photographed subject in our apartment. Anyway, I thought this picture was just too funny not to show you. 

So a while back, I took this picture of L.C. while Nate was squishing her head with his chin, and when I showed it to him he said she looked like Teddy Roosevelt. I could not imagine what on earth he was talking about until I searched pics of Roosevelt and found this one. There is an uncanny resemblance! Right?!

 Teddy Roosevelt Cat

Ok, so moving along. I wanted to share this recipe with you guys before summer, and the season’s yummy corn, is no longer around. I pinned this last summer because I thought the idea of making a polenta out of fresh corn instead of cornmeal just sounded really intriguing. I would never have thought of it. 

Fresh Corn Polenta with Eggplant Sauce ~

Anyway I finally got around to making it. I invited my friend Erica over and she seemed to really like it, although she did put a lot of hot sauce on it. I think I just undersalted it a bit. Anyway, it was delicious and rich, but not exactly what I was imagining. I totally think you should give it a try though. The combo of the creamy polenta and chunky eggplant topping was really good.

I slightly altered the amounts in the recipe. My main adjustment was to cut back on the water added before cooking it down. As you can see from my pics, I couldn’t get it to thicken up to the consistency it should have been because I didn’t have the patience to sit and stir it for another hour. In my directions below I say not to add any liquid back, in order to fix this problem. Definitely give it a try before summer’s over!

Fresh Corn Polenta with Eggplant Sauce ~

Sweet Corn Polenta with Eggplant Sauce
Serves 4
A creamy polenta made from fresh corn instead of dried goods!
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Eggplant Sauce
  1. 1/3 cups vegetable oil
  2. 1 medium eggplant, cut into 3/4-inch dice
  3. 2 teaspoons tomato paste
  4. 1/4 cup dry white wine
  5. 1 cup chopped peeled tomatoes (fresh or canned) (I used canned)
  6. 6 1/2 tablespoons water
  7. 1/4 teaspoon salt
  8. 1/4 teaspoon sugar
  9. 1 tablespoon chopped oregano
  1. 6 ears of corn
  2. Water
  3. 3 tablespoons butter, diced
  4. 7 ounces feta, crumbled
  5. 1/4 teaspoon salt
  6. Black pepper
Eggplant Sauce
  1. Heat up the oil in a large saucepan and fry the eggplant on medium heat for about 15 minutes, or until nicely brown. Drain off as much oil as you can and discard it -- the safest way to do this is to scoop out the eggplant to a plate using a slotted spoon, then pour off the oil into a bowl before added the eggplant back in. You can save the oil for another use.
  2. Add the tomato paste to the pan and stir with the eggplant. Cook for 2 minutes, then add the wine and cook for 1 minute. Add the chopped tomatoes, water, salt, sugar and oregano and cook for a further 5 minutes to get a deep-flavored sauce. Set aside; warm it up when needed.
  1. Remove the leaves and "silk" from each ear of corn, then chop off the pointed top and stalk. Use a sharp knife or corn stripping tool to shave off the kernels -- either stand each ear upright on its base and shave downward, or lay each ear on its side on a cutting board to slice off the kernels. You want to have 1 1/4 pounds kernels.
  2. Place the kernels in a medium saucepan and barely cover them with the water. Cook for 12 minutes on a low simmer. Use a slotted spoon to lift the kernels from the water and into a food processor; reserve the cooking liquid. Process them for quite a few minutes, to break as much of the kernel case as possible. Add some of the cooking liquid if the mixture becomes too dry to process. Now return the corn paste to the pan and cook, while stirring, on low heat for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the mixture thickens to mashed potato consistency, adding more cooking liquid if you like a thinner polenta. (If you have a lot of liquid left in the pan, it can take a while to cook down the polenta, and it will sputter.
  3. Fold in the butter, the feta, salt and some pepper and optionally cook for a further 2 minutes. Taste and add more salt if needed.
Adapted from (slightly) Yotam Ottolenghi @ Food 52


  1. Congratulations on the house! The polenta sounds wonderful. I never knew it could be made from fresh corn. Love the addition of feta too. And the eggplant topping looks so good!

  2. Congratulations! May you be happy in your lovely new home. Like your porch – where is the swing??
    Carina :)

    • Thank you! So glad you stopped by, Carina :) We definitely have plans for a porch swing!!! I’ll post some pics when it actually happens, hehe.

  3. Congrats!!!! And yes, LC looks like Teddy.

    Also, would this be okay for breakfast?

    • Thanks, Jen :) hahaha, i know right? Um, I think all foods are appropriate for breakfast, including chocolate…so maybe I’m not the right person to ask ;)

  4. I was lucky enought to eat this very meal at the chef’s table. It was delicious!
    Congrats on the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Congrats! I’m so happy for you guys! I can’t wait to see what you do with your new house! When do you move in?
    I am a recent big fan of polenta. I used to always think it was bland, but last summer we had some with prosciutto and cheese and it totally changed the game. Now I kind of love it. :)

    • Thank you so much, Alyssa :) We won’t be moving in for a bit while construction takes place…it’s going to be so so hard to wait! Polenta is only yummy when there’s a lot of salt, butter and/or cheese mixed in. By itself it’s very bland.

  6. Yay! That’s so exciting!! I can’t wait to see what you do to the house!

    This recipe looks great, and so perfect for summer!

    • Thanks, Faygie! We are beyond excited (well, maybe I’m more excited than Nate, who just wants to see the house done). I wish I had the time and skills to DIY the house but we’re going to be defaulting to professionals. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a couple of small projects myself…we’ll see.

  7. So many congrats on your home! I can’t wait to see what you guys do to it!

    And your cat picture cracked me up! What a beauty!

  8. Mnay congrats..That’s very exciting news. Enjoy your new home!

  9. Congrats on the house! It looks cute so far. :) I’m excited to see all your before and afters.

    For some reason, I had never heard of making polenta from fresh corn. I guess it shows you how ignorant I am that I thought it call came from powdered stuff. This looks like a good combination with the eggplant.

    • Thanks, Nicole. I can’t wait to see the before and afters too! hehe.
      No, that’s not dumb at all- I would NEVER have thought to make polenta from fresh corn. That’s why I thought this recipe was so interesting!

  10. Congrats, Amy!! The house looks great already…it will be fantastic when you are all done with renovations and move in! So glad your husband likes it…he clearly trusted your good taste! :)
    This dish sure looks good too. I’ll find your house one day just by sniffing. :)

    • Thanks, Monica :) Hehe, you could totally follow your nose to my house. I’ll definitely be inviting you to the house warming :) I need to meet people in the area for sure!

  11. That’s so exciting Amy!!! :) Congrats! My husband and I bought our first home last October and we LOVE being homeowners. It has a different vibe than being a renter. :) I can’t wait to see the after photos of your home renovation. My next door neighbor bought a fixer upper and they are currently renovating.

    This fresh corn polenta looks delicious! I can eat a big bowl of it! ;) Congrats again and here’s to many more fabulous meals in your new abode!

    • Thanks, Anne! Oooh, have you guys done any updates to your house! I feel like the main thing I’m excited about with owning vs renting is actually decorating knowing it’s permanent. I feel like I half-assed my rentals becaues I knew I’d be leaving and so I didn’t wanna put the effort in, even if I was going to be there for 2 or more years…so it never really felt like home.

      • We haven’t done any updates inside yet but we will. I think the first thing we’ll do is the kitchen. :) We have done some fence work, and general upkeep on the outside. It’s funny, I was the same way when we were renting. Our furniture were old and it was in need of replacing. But we didn’t want to do it because it was in a temporary rental home. :) haha! After we purchased our home, we bought all new furniture. We just bought our dining room set. I’m excited for you guys! It’s the biggest purchase one can have so you should be super proud! :)

  12. Congratulations on the house! It is adorable! I never thought to make polenta from fresh corn! Sounds amazing.

  13. Oh my goodness, Amy… you’re moving in and I’m moving out… my heart is breaking but I’m so excited for you! (plus I get to relive my life through you ;-)). Love the new recipe card — but realize it’s not entirely new… I’ve missed so much in my frenzy. LC and Roosevelt — you guys are hilarious!! Shocking resemblance; shocking. I find it both incredible (in the true sense of the word) and utterly charming that Nate just saw the house for the first time. Congratulations! I’ll take two orders of your fresh corn polenta please :).

    • Hi Kelly, I’ve missed you!!! So you’ve moved recently? But you still have your lake house! :) I’m sure wherever you moved to will feel like home soon enough. Moving is hard no matter whether it’s planned, unexpected, etc. I’m glad you like the LC pic, hehe :)

  14. New houses, kitties, and a delicious polenta dish? I’m so glad I found your blog. Congratulations on the house. We bought our first home in April, and we couldn’t be happier to be homeowners. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to the before and after shots. I can’t believe Nate wasn’t interested in seeing the house before you purchased it – I love house hunting xx

  16. Congrats on the house!

    And congrats on having a kitty that looks like Teddy Roosevelt. That’s money in the bank.

    • Thanks, Movita!! Yes, I believe the kitty is the bigger accomplishment here. Nate keeps asking me why she isn’t pulling her weight when it comes to our finances, so maybe we could get her into presidential impersonations or something.

  17. !!!! Congratulations!!! and I’m still in awe that Nate didn’t see the house at all before you closed! Crazy.

    I am such a sucker for polenta and fresh corn! Definitely need to try this.

  18. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW HOUSE! I actually kinda love polenta, and I’ve never even HEARD of making it with fresh corn… that’s just crazy talk! This recipe looks delish, I’ll definitely have to give it a try!

  19. congratulations! you must be so relieved. I know looking for the perfect place can be exhausting. And I love the idea of fresh corn polenta. Must give it a try.

    • Thank you so much, Sandra! So glad you stopped by :) I did look at a lot of houses and it was particularly stressful to make the final decision since my husband refused to see any houses with me! hehe.

  20. Congratulations on your new home…may you have many happy years and wonderful meals in your new home. A fresh corn polenta sounds great.

  21. kitty! i love that side-by-side: it’s perfect.
    and congrats on the house yay!!! i want to see before pictures; i can’t believe i have to wait for those until after things get redone.
    i would have never thought to do polenta with fresh corn, but holy heavens that looks incredible. we have so much corn here right now, so easily i need to stock up and make this.

    • Thanks, Shannon!! Ok ok, well I was at the house yesterday and took a bunch of “before” pics so I suppose I could share them since so many people have been asking. It’s just that it’s going to be a while til you see the “afters,” so you’ll have to have patience. Def let me know if you try the polenta. I altered the directions from the way I made it because it had too much liquid so if you do make it, let me know how it comes out!

  22. This bowl of deliciousness is making my mouth water! For real! I can’t wait to try this! Congrats, on the new home!

  23. Congratulations Amy! And wow, I’d never even heard of fresh corn polenta before… fascinating! I imagine it to be lighter and sweeter by far.

  24. oh my gosh. L.C. and Teddy are TWINS. SERIOUSLY!!!! I love how it took me a minute to notice the beard in the background. Also! CONGRATS on the house — I know you are in the city so where is this exactly? did you move into the valley!? :) Am I being a creep?

    • I know, right??!! Haha, you get points for noticing the beard. Thank you so much! You’re totally not being a creep ;) We currently live in Manhattan and the house is just about 20 miles away in a suburb in NJ.

  25. Congratulations!! How awesome! This polenta looks great, btw.

  26. What a pleasant looking dish! I’ve been addicted to polenta (and grits) after trying vegan cookbook author Bryant Author’s grits and greens with toasted garlic! It was pretty good, and it involves raw cashews to provide the creaminess. I love how you added the beautiful eggplants to the dish! And congrats with the house and good luck with the renovations! :)

  27. what? polenta from real corn on the cob. That’s totally new to me and I thought I got around pretty good. Nice blog here and congrats on your new digs.

  28. Congratulations on your new house! IT’s lovely and I can’t wait to see the before and after pictures. Wish you a smooth renovations! Thanks for sharing this Fresh Corn Polenta recipe. Gotta mark this down and make it when the corn season comes around again.

  29. Congratulations to you! This is a great recipe, perfect for a celebration!

  30. Owning a home is SO EXCITING!! We’re still renting, but I’m totally dreaming of the day that I have a place to call my own.

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