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Sorry I haven’t posted a recipe in a while. We’ve been quite busy around these parts.

First, Nate’s mom came to visit, then my parents flew in for the wknd, then it was the 4th, then my bday and then I came down with a nasty stomach bug. But I’m back now, so I’ve got some lovely photos for you all, and a tasty recipe!

When Nate’s mom came to town, we went to this cool exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art called the Rain Room. It’s basically a dark room with just one light shining, and inside it’s raining…but wherever you walk the rain stops. They only let 10 or so people in at a time.

Here’s Nate and his mom- in the rain, but dry as can be.

Moma Rain Room ~ ElephantEats.com

Because it was a dark room with a huge light beam shining right on us, there were some crazy shadows while we were waiting in line.

No one else in line seemed to notice, as they were too mesmerized by the actual exhibit, but Nate and I managed to get quite a silhouette of us!

Moma Rain Room Silhouette ~ ElephantEats.com

Then, we headed to the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. We’ve been there a bunch of times, but this time we went specifically because they had this awesome outdoor temporary exhibit called The Four Seasons.

From their site, “Four Seasons is an installation of four sculptures—each standing more than 15 feet high—by contemporary American artist Philip Haas. Encompassing Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, the works are inspired by the 16th-century creations of Italian Renaissance painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.”

They were SOOOO cool. Clockwise from top left: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

NY Botanical Gardens Seasons

Here’s a photo to show how large they are in comparison to a person. Quite a resemblance, isn’t it?

Nate Old Man Winter ~ ElephantEats.com

Which one is the real Beardo?

I don’t have any great pics from when my parents visited because it was too hot to do anything, much less take out the camera. We did do some fun stuff though- walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, ate some yummy food, saw a cool Lego exhibit at the Discovery Center, and ate more yummy food :)

Finally, here’s me, enjoying my delicious Reese’s PB cup ice cream cake, a mere 12 hours before the stomach virus incapacitated me. At least I got to enjoy my bday!

Amy bday 2013

But the real star of this post is the Farro Salad I made to bring to my friend Barrie’s annual 4th of July party. I saw it on one of my fave sites, Shutterbean, and I chose it because it has nothing in it that can spoil if it’s left out in the hot temperatures for an afternoon (i.e. perfect picnic food!). And it’s a good thing I chose something like that since it was in the 90s all day on the 4th.

Farro Salad ~ ElephantEats.com

It was TOTALLY delicious and I couldn’t stop eating it before I packaged it up for the party.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t change a thing from the recipe on Shutterbean’s site, so you can head on over there for the recipe! The only caveat I’d make is that I doubled the recipe and it still didn’t seem like all that much. I guess it depends if you’re serving it as a main dish or side dish.

Farro Salad ~ ElephantEats.com

I hope you all had a great 4th! I can’t believe we’re already into July. How is this year going by so quickly!

Get the recipe on Shutterbean’s site!


  1. That rain exhibit and the botanical gardens exhibit look so cool! I’m always jealous of all the cool things there are to do around NYC. So sorry about the stomach bug. That is the worst. Glad it hit after your birthday, though. And I’m loving the looks of this salad. I’m the same way about trying to find mayo free stuff to bring to potlucks in the summer.

    • It’s true that nyc has a lot of good stuff going on. It’s funny because on weekends sometimes I just want to sit around and relax, but Nate always has to be out exploring!

  2. HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY! (sorry, should I not be using caps? I don’t want to scare off Movita if she decides to read your post)! Oops, are exclamation points allowed?

    I’m so sorry that you got sick! That’s terrible! That Reese’s ice cream cake looks and sounds like it’s right up my alley!

    Also, that rain room is BEYOND amazing. That’s SO COOL! I hope you realize that you may find me on your doorstep one day, possibly for a trip, and possibly as a stray looking for a place to live. Because it seems FABULOUS! Consider yourself warned.

    And also possibly for some of this salad, because it looks super delicious. And I’m super into salads at the moment, since it’s A BAJILLION DEGREES OUT. I’m actually super excited because it’s supposed to be “only 98” tomorrow. Today was nice because it was “only 104” and it “only” took my car 20 minutes to cool down. So you SHUT IT WITH YOUR 90 DEGREES!

    Sorry, there may have been a bit of jealousy in there… <3 I'm sorry, I take it back.

    • THANK YOU! No, I like enthusiastic yelling, so please feel free. If you showed up on my doorstep one day, I would be thrilled! But you might want to wait til we get our house or you’ll be sleeping on an air mattress ;) hahaha, sorry, I can’t even imagine 104 degrees…

  3. Whoa you guys have been crazy busy! But in a good, happy way. Minus the stomach bug. :(

    Happy belated birthday darling! your cake sounds AMAZING and I’m so glad you got to enjoy it!

    I need more salad like this in my life. Big time.

  4. listen; is it okay if i live with you a little during the summers from now on? I like busy, and you did lots of fun things in the past few weeks. I’m game if you are, just sayin’. :) I’d even take care of you while sick and make you food.

  5. Hi Amy – happy belated birthday and hope you’re feeling better now. Those are some great activities! There was a similar exhibit at the MoMA a few months ago where we went and tickets were sold out by 10’ish (just a few people ahead of us, of course) and even if you got tickets, we would’ve had to wait til the PM to get in. Needless to say, we just walked around.

    And this farro salad looks great. I love farro and this is exactly the kind of salad, mixed with grains/anything else in the fridge, that I’m living off right now (that, along with desserts and chocolate drinks). Take care!

    • Thanks, Monica! I wonder if it was the same exhibit. My mother-in-law bought a museum membership just so we could get in an hour before regular museum hours. It was totally worth it since the three of us would have been almost the same price as a membership. It definitely was cool, but not cool enough to wait out for hours in the hot sun! I remember you liked wheatberries, right? If so, I know you must love farro too :)

  6. THAT is the coolest shadow pic of you and Nate. And I like winter best. I want to see those…SO cool!

    Also, I’m glad you’re better. Because tummy things are horrible.

    Also #2, I’ve never had farro. Why do I punish myself in these ways?

    • hehe, thanks, Jen! Um, you really need to make farro. Trader Joe’s sells a quick-cooking one so there’s really no excuse. It’s so yummy- chewy and nutty tasting.

  7. I love the Rain Room. I was lucky enough to be in London when it first became a exhibition there. It was lots of fun. :)

    That ice cream cake.. NOM NOM NOM!

    Loving the Four Seasons!

  8. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you guys had a great time! What a cool exhibit! A friend of mine got knocked out by a stomach virus last week too! And Tim and I have been battling a brutal cold. Erg. No one is supposed to get sick in the summer!!!

  9. Sounds like you have been as busy as me these past few weeks. Those vegetable faces are incredible and I can’t believe how big they are. I love visiting galleries, the photos you took are great and very arty – nice one.

  10. What a gorgeous salad, you little busy bee ;) xo

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