Toffee Blondies ~

Nate’s mom came to visit us last weekend and we did quite a bit of walking. We headed over to the New York Historical Society, because they were having a John J. Audubon exhibit.

I don’t know if you guys remember, but our wedding was at one of Audubon’s houses (his first one in the U.S., actually). Amongst his many many bird drawings, it was fun to see a painting of the place where we got married (painted by Thomas Birch). It looked a little different back then, but it’s cool to think about how old it is!

I didn’t realize that his drawings were all mixed media- mostly water color with some pen and ink, charcoal and others. They were really detailed and really impressive!

Toffee Blondies ~

I realize you guys probably are more interested in what I’ve been cooking up than our weekend plans, so I’ll get to it. I found this recipe when I was looking for baked goods I could send to Nate in California that would hold up well in the mail. I also was looking for a way to use the toffee baking bits I had leftover from Christmas cookie baking. My aunt was kind enough to buy me several bags since she knows how hard it is to find them in nyc! She got me both regular and chocolate covered Heath toffee bits.

Toffee Blondies ~

The recipe calls for the plain ones and that’s what I used the first time I made this, but I tried the chocolate covered Heath bits this time for a change, and the bars came out equally delicious :)

I actually didn’t even make these. We had our good friends Erica and Patrick over to dinner and Erica offered to help while I was making dinner (homemade spaghetti with my pasta machine!). So I gave her the recipe and she did a great job making them! We all really enjoyed these for dessert :)

Toffee Blondies ~

I didn’t change anything about the recipe from Just a Taste’s blog other than adding chocolate covered toffee bits rather than plain toffee, so you can find the recipe here to get it.


  1. Love how crazy moist your toffee blondies look!

  2. That multi-media painting is beautiful. How lovely to have had your wedding in one of his houses. I love the way you altered the recipe by covering the toffee in chocolate – yum. Happy Easter xx

  3. That’s so cool to see where you got married painted by the artist himself! It’s beautiful. And so are these blondies. :) Yum!

  4. It really is insane how hard it is to find these fun baking treats in nyc! Maybe you and I will have to plan a joint trip to Target one of these days…since I’m too scared to go up to 125th alone. :P

    The blondies look so moist and ooey gooey awesome!

    • I know, right?! Why do the markets think people in NY don’t want to bake. I’ll totally go to target with you! Yeah, I’m kinda scared to head up there alone.

  5. Oh, I love anything with toffee in it…and these bars sound fantastic!!! Can you find Heath bars? I actually like chopping them up and adding the larger chunks to my recipes :)

    • These are SO good, esp if you like toffee. That’s such a great idea to buy heath bars! Although I honestly don’t know how easy they are to find in nyc either.

  6. I’m going to have to make these for Aaron when we get back home. He goes crazy for my toffee cookies so I’m sure he would LOVE these.

  7. Yum, your blondies look totally delicious!

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