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I PROMISE I will have a food post up later this week, but I just couldn’t wait any long for this…

by Jodi Miller Photography

First off, how awesome is this pic the photographer took?! I love it so much. She just posted this little sneak peek but I’m so excited to see the rest!!!

Ok, so I don’t know how you’ve been feeling, but I’ve been SO anxious to show you this video Nate made to play at the wedding for all our guests. I know I’ve hinted at it a lot, but couldn’t really reveal it until the wedding.

Also, I don’t think there’s a way to acurately describe this amazing video in words. It’s just something you have to see for yourself.

I just want to say how proud I am of my husband (I love saying that word!). I think you’ll see why after you watch. Honestly, I knew Nate went to school for film but I really had no idea how creative and talented he was until I saw the process of him dedicating his free time to making this video. It was something that he could contribute to the wedding, when I essentially did all the planning. This video is so much more than any decisions or ideas I had regarding the wedding, because this video will be around forever and every time I watch it, it will remind me of our wedding day, and of how much Nate loves me and how perfect we are for each other.

To most of you, who don’t really know me, hopefully this will give you a little glimpse into who I am and who Nate is. There are some things that may not really make sense, but I think the video does a good way of explaining the strange dating life I had before Nate, and gives you a glimpse into the weirdo quirkiness that defines each of us ;)

So without further ado, here is Nate’s video. Make sure you enlarge it to full screen and turn the volume up. I hope you all love it as much as I do :)

(I swear I don’t normally say “like” as much as I do in this video)

Carota Wedding Video from Nathaniel Carota on Vimeo.

The little stop-motion at the end are the cake toppers that I made! So cute.


  1. This video literally made my morning. :)

  2. Loved the video!! There is so much humour, warmth and beauty bouncing off the screen… so much fun! Great job Nate. I noticed those lovely Audrey Hepburn brows too young lady! :) and it’s hard to beat a good sense of humour so I say you guys have this one on lock down ;-). By the way, the photo in this post is probably my fave of the Miller wedding clicks I’ve seen… beautiful.

    • :) Thank you, Kelly!!! I know, Nate is truly amazing. He would love to start doing these videos as a business if he could find the clientele. He already is planning to do one for one of my best friends who’s getting married in June.

  3. Absolutely love the wedding photo and video. One thing I know is that the two of you are meant for each other and will have a fun life sharing your adventures together.

  4. This made me SMILE :)

    You guys are Faaaaafabulous. I love the video. I adore the kitty cat.

    Thank you soooooooooo much for sharing.

    Omggggggggosh, this is superb. xx

    PS. great eyebrows!

  5. Nate did such a fantastic job, the video is amazing! Love the baby photos. :) I’m so happy for the both of you. And the first photo is PERFECT!

  6. food shmood! who needs food posts when i have this video to smile at for 12 minutes. nate did such a fabulous job on this. my favorite part? “i expected that i would marry someone sweet, and kind, and who definitely knew how to cook. i guess i really hit the jackpot on that one.”
    yeah, nate; i guess you did. :)
    and you have incredible eyebrows. i envy them.
    congrats again and again!

    • Oh Shannon, I’m so glad the video made you smile as much as it made me smile! Hehe, I def have a sweet husband. And thank you for the brow compliment…sometimes they’re such a pain to deal with but I’m glad they make me stand out, hehe :) Thank you!

  7. I love the wedding photo and I’m so glad you shared it because I’ve been dying to see a wedding photo. And how amazing is that video and the effort that went into producing it is incredible. What a wonderful memory to have and what a blessed start to a lifelong union. Well done! xx

    • :) I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos! So glad you liked the video. He really did spend a lot of time and energy on the video and I’m so excited to be able to have something to remember this forever! Thanks, Charlie!

  8. Oh wow – he even did stop clay animation!! And was that the birthday cake I remember from the blog. It’s strange how we get to know our blogging friends but its been lovely following this journey from afar, you two seem perfect for each other x

    • I made the clay pieces (they were our cake topper) and there’s this free (i think) iphone app that does stop-motion!

      And yes, good eye!!! That was totally the cake I made :) We needed a few more video clips for the wedding video so we filmed some things like that. I know what you mean about blogging friends…you do feel like you really know them when reading their blogs! Thank you so much, Aimee :)

  9. What a great video! A treasure!!!!

  10. Oh Amy! I cried, I smiled…you just made my evening!! I feel like I really got to know so much more about you both. I wish you many, many years of love and happiness…and lots of laughing!! I do agree, the wedding photo is fabulous!!

  11. That was beautiful! I watched it more than once during some early morning nursings and I loved it every time. Nate did an amazing job and the video really had fun personality from both of you. Congratulations again on getting married!

    • :) Glad our video was able to keep you entertained during your feedings, hehe. I’m so happy you loved it so much! Thank you so much, Nicole!!!

  12. Your story is very similar to the way 2.0 and I met. Except for the beard and eyebrows. We’re basically bald.

    This video make my day. Week. Month…

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