Spanikopita Pasta Bake

We’re coming down the home stretch with wedding preparations, and let’s just say I’m getting super stressed.

Among other things, I feel like there are so many incompetent people that I’m dealing with, or maybe I just see them that way, but it’s making me seriously worried that things aren’t going to get done on time…and to my liking.

Do I just have high expectations? or maybe I’m asking for things that normal people don’t ask for? But whatever it is, I feel like no one “gets” what I want! I just really hope that in the end it all turns out ok.

Spanikopita Pasta Bake

Nate and I have been watching Bridezilla on the WE channel. I hope that’s not how I come across to the people I come in contact with.

I made an appointment over a month ahead of time for the only person I trust to do my eyebrows. The salon called me on Sunday to tell me that they had to cancel my appointment because the woman (with whom I had already made an appointment) decided she’s going on vacation FOR A MONTH. Seriously?!

They told me she’d be back on October 16th, which is exactly one day before I leave to head down to PA for the wedding. I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I like to do NOT like to leave things til the last minute because I always expect the worst to happen.

She’s foreign so I have a feeling she’s going home to visit her family in Europe, but the vacation seems so sudden that now I’m paranoid she won’t be back on the 16th and I’ll be stuck with no one to do my eyebrows. I was so worried that I dragged Nate with me to the salon to talk with them in-person to assure me that she was in fact only going on vacation and that she’d be back on the 16th.

After 5 minutes of listening to me voice my every concern, the guy at the front desk told me there was no reason to think she wouldn’t be back in time for my appointment…and then he turned to Nate and said “Are you sure you still want to marry her?”

 Spanikopita Pasta Bake

The only benefit of being stressed is losing my appetite. At least I hopefully won’t have to worry about not being able to fit into my dress that has now officially been taken in. They still have some adjusting to do with other parts, so I suppose they could change the size a bit if they had to.

Although depending on how stressed I am, sometimes I eat more. Let’s hope that’s not the case this time.

Spanikopita Pasta Bake

A dinner like this won’t hurt too much in your weight loss goals. If you’re trying to lose a few pounds like me, you could easily serve it with a nice green (or Greek!) salad and take a smaller portion.

I got inspired by a recent orzo pasta bake on saw on Smitten Kitchen’s site. I thought if I subbed the mozzarella for feta, it seemed kind of Greek-inspired. I tried to figure out what else I could add to feta and when I thought of spinach, I knew I had to try to create the flavor of Spanakopita.

Spanikopita Pasta Bake

I looked up a few spanakopita recipes to get the ratio correctly and then just kind of winged it. This recipe uses several tablespoons of butter but it’s spread over the entire pan. This was so good I kept going back for more…perhaps the only negative thing about making it :)

“Spanakopita” Pasta Bake

Recipe by Me

Print this recipe!

Serves 8-10

3- 10 oz. packages chopped frozen spinach
16 oz. Orzo shaped pasta
2 large onions, diced
4 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
4 Tbsp butter
2 tsp salt + pepper to taste
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 cup fresh dill, chopped
12 oz. feta cheese
8 oz. Ricotta cheese
2 eggs, lightly beaten

Preheat oven to 350.

Boil water and cook pasta. While pasta is cooking, thaw spinach in microwave and drain THOROUGHLY. You will need to squeeze as much water as possible out of the spinach. Set aside.

Melt 4 Tbsp butter in a large saute pan. Add onions and cook 5 min. Add garlic and cook til onions are soft. Stir in spinach and warm through. Stir in salt, pepper, nutmeg and dill. Cool slightly.

In a very large bowl, combine feta, ricotta and 2 eggs together. Stir spinach mixture into egg mixture and mix thoroughly. Stir in drained pasta.

Pour mixture into a 9×13 baking pan. Bake 30 min or until top is crispy and mixture is bubbling at bottom. Let rest for a few minutes before digging in.


  1. What a great twist on traditional spanikopita – fashioning it into a pasta… and it looks beautiful too. The close-up with the layers is gorgeous! We had a Greek nanny when the boys were tots who made us fresh spanikopita… oh my, what a treat.

    My husband gave me some very sage advice when I started to lose it around the wedding. He said ‘people aren’t going to remember the rubber chicken but they will remember how you make them feel’ – (I think that’s the best advice anyone has ever given me under any circumstances come to think of it) – at the end of the day, just try to relax and enjoy; because that’s what matters!

    • I’m so glad you can comment on my blog again!!!

      Yes, I LOVE spanikopita. I’ve never had it made by an actual Greek, but my mom used to make it as an appetizer when she had dinner parties and it was so good. The scent while making this totally brought me back :)

      I love your husbands advice!!! I know that all the things I’m freaking out over are things no one knows are supposed to be a certain way and won’t know if they’re not the way I planned. I just want this day to be as I imagine it will be. But ultimately, your hubby is right. And in addition to that I have to try to remember that ultimately it’s about Nate and me getting married and that’s it! :) One month to gooooo!

  2. Ooo I’ve never tried making homemade spanikopita. Yours sounds/looks delish! Good luck with the wedding preparations, try to relax and stay calm! I’m sure that’s pretty difficult, but such an exciting time. :) and oh gosh, Bridezilla haha no words

    • Homemade spanikopita is great, but this isn’t spanikopita…it’s only a pasta dish with similar flavors. The real deal is a pain since you have to use filo dough and there’s a lot of assembly.

      Thank you so much. I’m trying my best to relax :) Nate and I got an early wedding present from my brother for a fancy meal at this nice restaurant and we’re going this weekend for some R&R. Hopefully it’ll do the trick!

  3. Whoa, this sounds insanely delicious!!! I’d love this for dinner!!!! Fingers crossed your eyebrows will be perfect :)

  4. How could that long and extended holiday only just have materialised. I smell foul-play. Surely this was planned well in advance like well in advance of when you made your appointment. You should have been told at the time of booking. I can’t believe the man said that to Nate – that’s so rude. I had my eyebrows done the day before my wedding and it was a disaster. I wanted them tinted slightly darker than their natural too-blond colour (can’t be seen). She put the tint on then took a phone call. A long personal phone call. Came back and the tint had dyed them jet black. She didn’t show them to me. I got home and nearly died. I was up all night trying to bleach them with lemon juice. It didn’t work. I wish you more luck! xx

    • I know, right?! All I can think is that it’s a family emergency not a vacation…in which case I feel horrible even complaining about this, but that’s why I’m worried that she won’t be back when she’s supposed to. Oh my gosh, how horrible about your eyebrows! Did your wedding photos come out ok?? I will definitely be looking in the mirror before heading home, hehe! Thanks, Charlie :)

  5. This is so similar to the Greek dish spanakorizo, which is exactly what it means “spinach rice”. We add crushed tomatoes to this dish. You should try it!

  6. Good luck with the wedding preparations! I know it can be so stressful, but it will all be worth it in the end! Just enjoy the day, it will fly by! This pasta bake looks delicious! :)

  7. This post made me think of what I often tell people about my propensity for perfection: if I (the perfectionist) am happy, it probably means someone else is not. Because they’ve probably had to step up to make me happy. If the other people involved in a project are happy, it probably means that I am not. Because they will do it their way. Which is, most often, WRONG or SUBSTANDARD.

    Anyhoo, this pasta bake looks way amazing. And I’ve got my fingers crossed for your eyebrows…

    • Haha, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks that way! My wedding will NOT BE SUBSTANDARD!…at least not if I have anything to do with it, hehe. Thank you!

  8. That is such a funny story. I mean, not the stress part, but the guy asking Nate if he really wanted to marry you. Don’t worry, it will all fall into place, and if it doesn’t, that is the stuff great stories are made of. You will laugh about it one day even if it feels like you want to cry about it at the time. I’m sure it will be great, though.

    I love spanikopita, and I never would have thought to put it all together in a bake. It sounds delicious!

  9. How hearty and healthy! This looks delicious. Best of luck with all the wedding plans and your salon appointment. I am sure everything will work out perfectly. Blessings, Catherine

  10. I love the flavors of spanakopita so this pasta bake sounds delicious to me! I hope you don’t get too stressed anymore! And I’m not getting married anytime soon but if my eyebrow lady goes on vacation for a month too, I would probably panic as well! ;) Take care!

    • You should try it! Haha, aw, thanks, Bianca. I’m especially angry because my eyebrows have gotten wild since I’ve been holding out for this one appt for a long time.

  11. Dude, I have so much to say but for some reason it all has to do with Disasters In Waxing, and I don’t want to leave inappropriate stories in your comments section, so I won’t say anything. Good luck with the eyebrows. I was in Turkey once and watched my friend get her eyebrows done with a thread (have you seen this?) and it almost made me wet my pants. It was super scary.

    I love this dish– in fact, I just love your taste in food, I think.

    • Haha, I’m glad you refrained from telling me about your disaster stories ;) Hopefully all will turn out well. Yes, I’ve heard of threading and know some people who use this…so weird though. I’d def be so scared to try this.

      Aw, thanks! I love your taste in food as well! Hehe.

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