Sorry I’ve been MIA on the blog lately. I’ve just been so busy travelling back and forth and just catching up on stuff when I’m actually home. Between the Boston marathon last weekend and a bridal shower this weekend in Florida, my free time has been lacking.

FL bridal shower

Proudly wearing my "Bride 2 Be" sash

Anyway, since I haven’t gotten a food post together I thought I’d entertain you with some pictures. This weekend I headed down to Florida to attend a bridal shower my mom’s friends threw for me. It was super nice of them to do this! I’ll be having another shower in NJ in a few months for my friends and family up north.

FL bridal shower cup

They played a game where I had to guess Nate’s answers to some questions they had secretly asked him a month ago :)

FL bridal shower ribbon hat

Me wearing the ribbon "hat" made by fashioning all gift ribbons into a hat...or in this case making a hat out of a purse I got as part of a present.

My personal favorite: When did Amy know she wanted to marry you?

Nate’s answer: 1 year into the relationship.

Uh…Nate proposed about 1 year and a couple weeks into the relationship. He sure did cut it close!

He also rated our first date on a bad/good/great scale as “good.” Thanks a lot, Nate! He claims it’s because of the food, and not because of the company.

That combined with a few other answers he gave make him very close to sharing the couch with L.C. tonight ;)

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what’s been keeping me busy…I promise I’ll be back soon with a yummy Fudgey cheesecake concoction before the next busy weekend (this time with our wedding food-tasting!) begins…


  1. LOVE your dress…you look fabulous!!! And had to giggle at Nate’s answers :) I’m WAY behind, too…but you have a better excuse~

  2. Your dress is beautiful, you look so happy! Can’t wait to celebrate with you and catch up soon:)

  3. You look beautiful!!
    Wishing you both a very happy and long life together…

  4. awwww what an exciting time – being the bride is the best part! i want to someday read about how you and N met!

    • Hehe, it’s true, being a bride is definitely fun, although stressfull too :) I actually have the story of how Nate and I met on our wedding website. I’ll have to send you the link ;)

  5. Hahaha!! Sharing the couch with L.C… I lovet it! :) And you think you know someone… That picture of you in the sash is just too cute Amy. Agreed, super nice of your mom’s gal pals to pull this together for you… enjoy all the moments… so much fun!

    • Hehe, it may be mean for Nate, but L.C. would totally love it if someone spent the night in the living room with her. She’s been so sad because we’ve been away like every weekend recently. Poor kitty :(

  6. I love the status update cup! You look beautiful Amy :)

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  8. The couch? I think not. Unless you want my back gone for the wedding.

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