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One of my lovely blog readers saw one of my very first posts in which I showed a painting I made for Nate’s mom of one of her dogs (I should thank Kelly for that since it was all because she linked to a recipe  from that post!). Anyway, this woman liked it so much that she wrote to me asked if I could make one for her too!

I was/am so so flattered and honored to be commissioned to make a painting for someone. I was a little nervous since the ones I’ve made have usually been for gifts, and I felt like this one had to be even better.

Luckily, she got the painting in the mail the other day and was thrilled with the result :) So I present to you “Hannah:”

I told my customer to take some pics once it’s hanging on the wall so I’ll update the post with those soon.

If you know anyone looking to have a painting of their pet done, please sent them my way!


  1. It’s as great as the first one you painted for Nate’s mom! Lucky dog-owner. Hope you get more commissions from this – you are very talented.

  2. Didn’t know you painted. Congratulations on the commission. What media do you use?

  3. Oh, wow!! This is BEAUTIFUL, Amy!!! Someday (when my bank account is happier) I would love to have you do some for me, too!

  4. What a great job! I had no idea you were so talented in other areas, too!

  5. Wow! Your painting looks amazing! I bet she loved it! :D

  6. AMY. I had NO IDEA you were so talented! i’m going to show this to my mom and ask her if she wants one of our pup!

  7. Oh My Goodness… what a brilliant surprise! I’m so happy your artistic talent is being discovered and rewarded Amy (and thrilled for any small part I may have had in connecting the dots).

    I will certainly be passing along your information to all the dog (animal) lovers I know – (is there contact info on your site for people to get in touch with you?). I think you are going to be one busy woman!! Also pinning this. Congratulations Amy!! :).

    • Thank you Kelly…I owe it all to you!

      I would LOVE if you would pass my info along. I have put a new tab on my homepage called “Pet Portaits” and you can find my contact info there :)

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