24. November 2011 · 8 comments · Categories: life

Happy Thanksgiving! 

I’m currently on a plane on my way to Florida where we’re going to have our usual gourmet Thanksgiving. My mom, brother and I split the cooking duties as we all love to be in the kitchen. Although, we don’t usually do well when we’re all in the kitchen together. Luckily my mom got her cooking out of the way already, and hopefully my brother and I can behave ourselves while we share the space.

This is the first year we’re having the holiday in FL instead of NJ and I can’t say I’m happy about having turkey in warm weather. But it’s all about being with those you love, right? I think it will feel like Thanksgiving regardless of the palm trees outside because the table will be set with the good dishes and all my favorite familiar foods will be filling our plates.

Next year I’ll get it together a little more, hopefully, and share some of our favorite recipes for Tday with you. I hope that you all have a wonderful time with your family and/or friends :)

See you all on Sunday for another Daring Bakers challenge!


  1. Have a great Thanksgiving Amy!!! :)

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving. You won’t mind the warm weather on the walk after dinner, I hope!

  3. Well, I’m a little bit jealous about the Florida thing, but I’ll forgive you :) I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones. Hugs and best wishes from Canada – xo

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