…here’s another recipe for you involving squash!

And if this plus the last two posts is enough squash recipes for one season for you, then I have nothing more to say to you.

Nate doesn’t really cook. Ok, he doesn’t cook at all. He tells me that when he was single he used to make himself spaghetti and put jarred sauce on it, but I really can’t see him even doing that. He mostly lived on Trader Joes frozen dinners. I don’t feel that bad for him though, because those dinners are pretty tasty.

Despite the fact that Nate doesn’t really know his way around a kitchen, he likes to send me recipes that he comes across in his morning perusal of the New York Times.

He usually sends me the link in an email with a message saying something like “This looks good. Doesn’t it?”  But I believe what he really means to say is “This looks good. Can you please make it for dinner?” Luckily I’m good at reading people…and taking not-so-subtle hints.

Usually the recipes do sound pretty good. And when they don’t, I ignore his emails. So when he sent me this recipe for Quinoa With Roasted Winter Vegetables and Pesto the other day, I took note of it and wrote down all the ingredients so I could have it waiting for him when he got home. It helped that I had some homemade pesto in the freezer that I had been saving. It made putting this dish together way easier. Of course buying pesto would have been equally simple.

I also made it for me, of course, because I can always eat some more squash.

*I didn’t alter the recipe at all, so visit the above link if you’d like it :)


  1. You can’t get a much healthier meal than that and it sounds really good.

  2. This post has defamed my good name.

  3. Ha, ha. You guys already act married! This looks great. If it didn’t I would just ignore the post.

  4. love Quinoa!!And Nate is a lucky boy to have you ;)!!

    By the way….you are becoming quite the little photographer Amy! Your pictures are seriously awesome!

    • I love Quinoa too, Jenny! It’s so versatile :) You really like the pics?? I’ve been thinking how they’ve been getting progressively worse since I have no daylight when I take them and I’m always rushing…so that means a lot to me, thanks!

  5. i am drooling. i love pesto, winter veggies, and quinoa. hahaha u and me must be thinking along the same wavelength! i just did a post on pesto roasted potatoes. lol. i might try making this dish next week for one of the GF sides for thanksgiving!

  6. I’m always happy to see squash – bring it on!! Nate sounds like my husband – lol. Too funny – peanut butter & mayo/onion sandwiches are his specialty and, when I’m out of town, even if I leave him a casserole let’s say, it appears to be too much effort to put it in the oven ;0 Ah, good thing he’s a wonderful man! ha-ha. The pesto is a fresh twist and I’m loving the red quinoa!

  7. What a great combo you two make!! He makes the suggestions and you cook! This sounds wonderful, he sure can pick out good recipes and you sure can make it look good!

  8. Never too much squash! That plate looks fantastic, Amy. You and Nate are too funny. :)

  9. I love the quinoa and brussel sprouts…YUM!

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