I usually like to keep our apartment stocked with at least something home-baked, whether it be breakfast goodies or dessert. But since moving, I haven’t really done any baking.

Because Nate likes to have dessert after dinner every night, we always have an assortment of cookies in the house. He runs 4 days a week (5 when he’s training for a marathon), and I feel like he doesn’t eat enough to support all the exercise he gets. So I encourage his dessert habit nightly. However, he hasn’t really been in the “mood” for the cookies lately, so I knew I had to bake him something good so he doesn’t whither away to nothing. I only wish I had to eat dessert every night to maintain my figure!

Anyway, it’s been so hot out that I wanted to give him something refreshing. That’s when i decided on ice cream sandwiches. I asked him some flavor cookie/ice cream combos he likes and he said chocolate cookies with mint chocolate chip ice cream, so that’s what i gave him!

You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to find a chocolate cookie recipe, but it was. I ended up just looking for chocolate chip cookie recipes and figured i could just add cocoa powder.

However, because this was a last-minute idea, I needed one that didn’t require softening the butter ahead of time. I searched for ones with oil instead of butter. The only one I could find that didn’t need softened butter used melted butter instead.

So I guessed how much cocoa powder to flour I’d need. The batter was really wet and I crossed my fingers as I slid the first batch into the oven. But you know what? They were PERFECT! I shoved a couple in the freezer to cool them off and made Nate one tasty ice cream sandwich. Nate certainly didn’t refuse dessert that night :)

Chocolate Cookies with White and Dark Chocolate Chips

Recipe by Me

Print this recipe!

Makes about 18 large cookies

1.75  cups all purpose flour
.5 cups dutch processed cocoa powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
12 tbl (1.5 sticks) unsalted butter – melt & cool it until warm
1 cup packed lt or dk brown sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 lg egg + 1 egg yolk
2 tsps vanilla extract
1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup white chocolate chips

Heat oven to 325 degrees and have racks on upper & lower middle positions. Put parchment paper on 2 oversized cookie sheets (or do it in batches with smaller cookie sheets).

Whisk together flour, salt & baking soda in medium size bowl. Set aside.

Mix butter & sugars until thoroughly blended by hand or with electric mixer. Beat in egg, egg yolk and vanilla until combined.

Add flour, cocoa powder, salt & baking soda mixture to butter, sugar, egg & vanilla mixture and beat at low speed until just combined. Stir in chips to taste.

Roll scant 1/4 cup dough into ball. Put ball on cookie sheet leaving 2.5 inches between each ball.

Bake about 15 – 18 minutes, switching sheets halfway through reversing sheets front to back and top to bottom. cookies should be light golden brown and outer edges should start to harden, but centers are soft & puffy. Cool cookies on cookie sheets. When cool, peel from parchment.

Make into an ice cream sandwich!


  1. awwww you are so sweet – taking care of your man’s needs. :) hehehehe. ice cream sandwich is perfect for summer!! :D

    • Hehe, I love having a bf that can eat a lot, especially desserts! It makes cooking so much more fun when there’s someone so appreciative to enjoy the results of my efforts :) The unfortunate side effect is that I sample more than I should in the process…

  2. LOOK how HAPPY you made him!! Good work! Those look fabulous. I agree – we should live in a world where we NEED to eat a cookie (or 2) a day to maintain lovely figures :D Those look way too yummy.

  3. That looks awesome. I make cookies often with oil instead of butter, its more convenient and in some cases the texture is better.

    • Yeah, I was a little worried that the cookies made with oil/melted butter would be too soft and would spread too much in the oven, but they were totally fine. I think I may try oil next time…these got a little crunchy the next day and I bet ones made with oil would have stayed nice and chewy and soft!

  4. Oh my, that looks amazing. Shame I’m on a bit of diet. Oil is always amazing in cookies and cakes, makes them so much more moist.

  5. I always have to keep my apartment stocked with sweets too. There’s always that time of the night when I need a bite of something sweet! These sound delicious. :)

  6. These look delicious, in a ice cream sandwich or not! I owe my husband some cookies like these after leaving him for 4 days. Thank you for the recipe! (PS – you are so right when you said it would be hot and muggy in New York. I’m just glad I wasn’t there the weekend before when it was 104. Still one of my favorite cities ever, though.)

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