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So remember that I told you I was planning to enter something into the Pillsbury Bake-off? Well I can’t tell you the recipe yet, but here’s a little preview picture to make your mouth water ;)

I brought some to work and got tons of compliments so hopefully that’s a good sign. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. YUM YUM YUM! I see cinnamon and toffee?? Maybe?

    • hehe, maaaaaaybe ;) Guess you’ll have to wait to find out! I actually changed the recipe a bit so they don’t look exactly like that anymore. But I can’t wait to share the recipe because they are SO good.

  2. I know it looks like I want to eat it!

  3. Woo Hoo!! How exciting that you are doing the Pillsbury bake off!! These look great…I think I might see some pecans…Love it, can’t wait! :)

  4. Thanks guys! Can’t wait to share the recipe!!!

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